Entry lighting - one or two fixtures

shmealApril 15, 2012

Our entry is 11-1/2' x 8' at the front door and then narrows to 6-1/2' at the powder room. The ceiling is 9' high.

I'm wondering if it is better to install two smaller fixtures in this area rather than one?

I've been looking for something between 18"-20" diameter. I would like something that hangs lower than a semi-flush but it needs to be shorter than 24". I'm finding the shorter fixtures aren't quite wide enough and vice versa.

If we install two 13" entry lights would that be overkill in this space?

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Because you have a stepped wall there are in essence two areas to light. Careful positioning of a single light could do the job resonably well. I think that two smaller fixtures on separate dimmable switches would give more comprehensive coverage. Remember that a 20" foyer light will likely be at least 40" tall and will have quite a presence in most entries.

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Thanks for your comments roadbike. I think we are either going to install two smaller fixtures (separate dimmable - what a GREAT suggestion!) or a track lighting fixture. We were at a lighting store in the city last weekend and the sales manager suggested going with something like that. DH became enamored with the idea. I am hesitantly mulling it over. I know it will light the area well, I'm just not sure I am ready to commit to a look that is so contemporary right at the front door.

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