Fisher Paykel DGGX1

angeluceOctober 13, 2010

I came home from work today and most of the light were on on my dryer. The lights that weren't staying on were flashing every few seconds. I unplugged it and left it sit over night and this morning there is no change when I plugged it back in...any suggestions?


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One (or more) of the electronic boards (display, sensor, or motor control) is likely bad. Best to call for service. There's no way to access diagnostic mode if the panel is malfunctioning.

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How would I access diagnostics if the dryer is working. It's working at the moment. I would like to see if any codes come up.


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With Power off, press/hold Auto Dry Down, then press Power at the same time. One beep and all lights are off. This is Level 0. There are 10 levels (0 through 9) of diagnostic info but most are used for engineering development or factory production and are not relevant to field service. Only Level 3 and Level 5 are relevant. Press Auto Dry Up/Down to change levels. The LED pattern changes for each level.

Level 3 indicates the recorded Last Fault. Press Auto Dry Up three times. The fault code is indicated by which drying progress LEDs are lit. Left to right, values of 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. Add the numbers for the code.

Level 5 checks the moisture sensor circuit. The LED pattern should change when a damp cloth (or fingers) is touched across the bars, then change again when removed. If not, then the sensor circuit is not working.

If you get lost on which level you're in, press Auto Dry Down repeatedly until it beeps an error tone, that's Level 0.

Code 1 = communications error between the sensor module and motor control module

Code 2 = drum gap cannot be located

Code 3 = drum stalled

Code 4 = invalid option link read (motor control)

Code 6 = door jammed

Code 7 = excess motor current

Code 8 = exhaust sensor over temperature

Code 9 = exhaust sensor under temperature

Code 10 = sensor module low voltage

Code 11 = lid lock open circuit

Code 12 = lid lock switching device failure

Code 14 = sensor module fault

Code 15 = sensor module fault

Code 16 = airflow restriction (high-limit heater thermostat triggered)

Code 20 = door actuator stalled

Code 21 = door actuator excess voltage

Code 22 = door actuator open circuit

Code 23 = door actuator interrupted by low voltage

Code 24 = door actuator movement took too long

Code 28 = data retrieval error following loss of power

Code 29 = brown-out data retrieval error

Code 30 = lid unable to lock

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I just want to thank the person that posted this diagnostic list! When we came home last night the dryer lights were on and the power button would not respond. We tried unplugging it overnight and still nothing happened this morning. With this information, we were able to reset the dryer and our towels are now drying. I printed this info out to keep by the dryer in case this happens again! This site is so great and has so much information. Not sure if the poster will see this, but if you do, thank you!

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