Bosch Axxis WFR 24460UC squeaks loudly during spin

lee676October 2, 2013

Anyone know how to fix this? Or where to find a service manual?

Works fine during routine agitation, fill, and drain. But when it goes into the high speed spin, it squeaks once per revolution. Don't think it's the bearing(s) as that would be a constant whine or other noise. I'm guessing it's either a loose/slipping belt or a bad brush (or two). Sound seems to be coming from back of machine.

I have a service manual for the older, shallower models (and the lower-end Ascentia new ones) but not the larger 24"w models. Can I remove the back panel and access the belt and other parts? (On the older/smaller models, removing several Torx screws from the back panel will expose the belt and other parts for replacement). Any other ideas? Despite the noise, it does work. and will spin the clothes nearly dry. But I'm afraid to use it as is. Is this a DIY repair? Or inexpensive if I call out a repair person?

It was working quietly about a year ago and was temporarily taken out of service pending renovations.


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I would guess a loose or worn tub pulley. No way to tell without removing the back panel.

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