Updating recessed lights

haus_proudApril 3, 2013

Our house is 25 years old and I suspect the original equipment installed by the builder is low quality. I want to replace 2 small (5 or 6 inch) cans and one large (about 8-10 inch)can with new ones that will do a few things: can be retrofitted, seal properly so there are no air leaks, be fireproof because they will be directly under fiberglass insulation, can be adjusted as to where to aim the light, because they are on sloped ceilings and I want to be able to direct the light directly downward, or at an angle, if we prefer that. Lastly, we want to take advantage of the new technology in LCD bulbs, assuming we can get bulbs that can be effectively dimmed. I understand the dimming capability of some is not very good. Also, we want bulbs that disperse the light as widely as possible.

Thanks for your help.

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All cans are sheet metal stampings with a built in thermal protection circuit.

Direct insulation contact is more important when incandescent bulbs (including Halogen) are used.

If the bulbs are to disperse the light as widely as possible, you may not require gimbal lights at all.

Assuming that you're intent on replacing only the cans, you'd need to use retrofit cans if you're not tearing out the ceilings.
The cheapest route is to use CR6 in the existing cans. If necessary, the attached trim can be caulked to the ceiling board.

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