Canned lighting question.

silversvt26April 1, 2013

I have included a very rough layout of the kitchen area to be covered. The light over my island will be a pendant light. The rest will be 6" cans. My question is regarding the wiring.
Currently I have 4 fluorescent shop lights with two bulbs each. I have a switch on one end of the kitchen and another switch on the other end of the kitchen. I can turn the ilghts off or on from either one.
There is romex wiring coming out of the ceiling going to the first light and then it goes from light to light and stops at the last light.
The new cans I bought are 6" IC with a white,black and ground wire.
I am just inquiring on the proper way to connect them. Could I just hook them up the way the current lights are wired up. Running the wires from the wall to the first can and then go can to can?
They are on a 20a breaker. I have not taken the old lights out or looked at the wiring yet.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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The cans should be wired in parallel.

From your description, the existing wiring configuration should be a 3 way circuit with the fixtures wired in parallel.

Converting from a dual T8 fixture configuration to recessed cans would require additional wiring - more fixtures.

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