Need help with lighting for a very small kitchen...

geomegApril 3, 2013

Hi everyone,

Our kitchen reno is underway. I'm looking for help with lighting. Our kitchen is very small, the room being about 10' by 10'.5. The ceilings are only 93" tall. There is one large window so there is quite a bit of light during the day.

The electrician did not recommend recessed pot lights in the ceiling so basically I can only have one fixture in the middle of the room. I will have under-cab lights, still haven't figured those out yet either.

My question is what type of fixture should I use? I have been looking at flush mount and semi flush mount fixtures.

How much wattage should I be looking for? Would a fixture with three 60 watt bulbs be enough?

I really like the Clemson classic pendant from Restoration Hardware but not sure how it would look hung from the ceiling without the extension rods? The 14" one uses two 100 watt bulbs.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Instead of watts, you need to think in terms of lumens (or some other measure of illumination such as candela).

There are too many products claiming an output equivalent to a particular wattage but which fall short.

A typical bare incandescent bulb will produce between 800 - 900 lumens.

A kitchen typically requires more light than other areas - eg 35 lumens per sq ft can be used as a rough guide.

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The led fluorescent may be suitable for your kitchen

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Florescent light bulbs cost money and electricity much more than led bulbsãÂÂ
I swictched to led bulbs.And they save my bill up to 80%!!!

3x2 watt or 3x3 watt led light is bright enough for your kitchin.

I brought from Amazon: LOHAS-LED BA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&orderID=&seller=A2X4NE86JUW3T

Hope this helps.

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A light which can be installed inside the wall would be perfect.

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