Camera battery stuck in front load LG washer

eligainOctober 3, 2010

I forgot to take a camera out of my pants pocket and it got washed with the pants in my LG front load washer. I found the camera and the battery compartment door but I can't find the flat battery so I think it must be stuck in the washer drum somewhere. I have checked the coin and pin collector drawer and it's not in there. I wonder if it is too big to get in the coin and pin collection.

Is there anyway to find and get the battery out?

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I fear a call into your repair guy is in order.... It could cause washer damage if you leave it in there.

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Disagree with susanelewis....

Folks have been losing coins in washing machines for generations. I've never known any of them to damage any machines. In your case, I'm wondering if there's really anything in there. You say you can't find it. Assuming it's larger than the holes in the drum, how would it have gotten out of the drum? If it's not in the drum, I'd bet that it either wasn't in there in the first place or got mixed up in the folds of the clothes that were removed. I'd be looking in those clothes or in the dryer.

I would look around one more time and then forget it. Could be wrong, but I think you may be preparing to embark on a wild goose chase.

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I haven't found it in any of the clothes or the dryer. I'm wondering if it could have slipped between the rubber gasket and the drum. There isn't anything rattling around though. The battery is about 2 1/2 inches by 1 inch by 1/4th inch big. I worry about the nicad battery eventually corroding and releasing toxic chemicals into the wash water.

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I agree battery should be found. Agree it will likely open and spill its insides at some point. Agree not in drum because you'd hear it clattering around.

In your place I believe I would triple-check every possible location you did before....because it's easy to do. Then -- agree again -- I'd dig deeper starting with the rubber boot around the door. Not familiar with your particular machine. Perhaps there are other places to look, too. I think you said you checked the capture-chamber before the pump.

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So, aslo, you first disagree with me about it causing damage, then you agree the battery should be found because it might "spill its insides". You give advice like you are an expert when in fact you are "Not familiar with your particular machine."

And, furthermore, to tell eligain to forget about it is reckless advice. Do you know exactly the size of the battery she lost? These aren't COINS she is talking about but a camera battery which is most likely much larger than a coin.

Assuming the battery is the size of, let's say for argument, a quarter, I based my comments on a conversation I had with a washer repairman who has been doing this for over 20 years. He recently told me that he gets many calls on certain washers (not all brands) where coins and other small items get stuck below the agitator and eventually will cause problems. He ought to know because he has had to fix them.

The key phrase in my post was "It could cause washer damage if you leave it in there." That is an accurate statement because experts have verified it.

Eligain, the choice is yours on whether you want to take the risk. I am curious how this ends up. I wish you the best.

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Correction and sorry for the typo on your name.....Asolo.

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susanlewis....OP started with "flat battery" which I (obviously, I think) mistook as a "coin" or "button" battery....then later gave dimensions (missed that, didn't you)....then OP failed to find in any other location suggested....then identified machine.....then I had a different opinion about the situation....and said so.

Don't understand your annoyance. I've either mis-represented my view or you've grossly misunderstood me. Certainly I've never represented myself an "expert." Have no idea where you're coming from with that. I don't think I've earned your slap.

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Yes, I missed the dimensions but it didn't matter to me because I knew from the start the battery was not the coin-type for a camera.

I did not get from your second post that you were doing an about-face...perhaps I was blinded by your jump to judgement from your first post. I'm glad that you did then agree that he/she needs to find that battery. I just fear that eligain would run into larger costs associated with this battery stuck in gear or pump or the agitator (where I would suspect it is).

Thanks for the clarification.

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No worries. We're cool. Only wish I had more to offer.

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The battery is a flat square plastic battery 2.5" x 1.25" x .25" big. About the size of a match box. I have checked the folds of the rubber gasket and every nook and cranny I can get to. I have a 4 year old LG 2277 washer. If the battery was under the drum, would it be rattling around when the washer runs? Could it be too big to get into the capture bin? I found a bunch of coins and candy wrappers in there.

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If it's found it's way into the outer drum (don't know how that would happen) you may be able to see it with a flashlight via looking through the holes in the rotating drum. The walls of that drum are smooth and shiny. If your item is there, you would see it easily. In my machine, those holes are pretty small but if I shine the light just right I can see all around in there. Just takes a few minutes.

I'm baffled at how anything with the dimensions you described could get lost in there. That's why I suggested triple-checking everywhere else first. I've "discovered" a number of things similar to this trapped and hidden in the folds of my laundry over the years. But if you've check all of that, I'm out of gas. Would be a shame to tear the machine apart and then have the item turn up somewhere else.

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Assuming you've covered all the other ground......

Throw a bunch of small towels in there and run a short cycle. If you've missed something in the drum, maybe some sloshing and bumping around with a tiny load like that will jar it loose and make it appear.

You can tell I'm fishing, here. I would want to find the thing, too. And I surely would want to avoid tearing into the machine if I could avoid it.

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I talked to a LG service tech and he says it would be impossible for a battery of that size to slip under the drum. Only things slim like coins can slip past. So it's a mystery where the battery went. When I first discovered that I washed the camera when I was transferring the clothes to the dryer. I looked for the battery then and when I couldn't find it I figured it was stuck in the clothes. But after the clothes were dry, It wasn't in them either so it is a mystery where it went. Thanks for all your help.

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