recessed lighting alone in bathrooms ??

kevin1106April 5, 2009

Our two bathrooms are being remodeled and are totally gutted. Would recessed lighting alone work the best way to light the bathrooms? A lighting store designer told me that a vanity light fixture should be part of the design for better lighting. Our electrician says recessed will work fine alone. The style of our home is contemporary. Advice will be appreciated on which way to go for the best lighting design. Thank you to all in advance.

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The challenge with bathroom lighting is providing enough light for grooming. Light coming from overhead only leaves shadows under our overhanging facial parts making it difficult to see to shave and apply makeup. One recessed fixture directly overhead is the worst scenario. One on each side of the sink bowl to cast light down each side of the face is better. I included a link to a makeup mirror as an example of what is considered the best lighting, which surrounds the face. You can add one of these to the bath and not worry any further about only recessed lighting. It is common to use sconces on each side of a modest sized mirror mounted about face high to provide lighting that can reach under the chin.

Here is a link that might be useful: Make up mirror

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Thank you for the informative help dim4fun. I actually saw that makeup mirror at a lighting store and I will purchase it now. There is already going to be a medicine cabinet placed above the vanity but there is a spot for the makeup mirror on the wall accross from the vanity. Would it be okay to also add a vanity light to make for better overall lighting in the bathroom. The vanity lighting would be in addition to that makeup mirror. Thanks again for your assistance.

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