Led or Halogen if price is the same

hehatemeApril 7, 2011


We are thinking of getting 3 Mini Echo Pendants made by Tech Lighting for our kitchen.


We have an option to choose Led or Halogen bulb.

Price for Halogen or Led is the same. The difference is that Led light will require an adapter so we are not sure how it will look and no local retailier carries these ligths.

We don't know the brand of the led bulb that is shipped with the light.

Second concern is I have is about dimmer. We are considering using Crestron Dimmer for most of the lights in our kitchen the Crestron does not mention TechLighting.

Here what they say about the kind of dimming they can do.

The CLS-C6EX features six channels of dimming for LED*, incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, and 2-wire dimmable fluorescent loads. On/off switching of many non-dimmable lighting loads is also possible. Each channel will handle up to 800 watts individually, with a total rating of 1920 watts for the complete unit.

Let us know if you have any advice for us. We really like the low power usage for Led but are having trouble in spending $1000 for 3 lights that might not be dimmable.

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The fixture looks similar whether LED or Halogen, at bright dimmer settings. Halogen has a better range of dimming. If you want to go down to barely a glow the LED is not going to do that.

The normal transformer is small and goes in the junction box of each fixture. The J box must be large enough to hold this transformer, typically a 4-0 deep box is required and many make this up with a 4-0 plus extension box. The transformer is an electronic low voltage type and will require an interface with the dimmer you chose. Another option is to use a remote mounted magnetic low voltage lighting transformer that will be compatible with the dimmer you have without an interface.

Tech Lighting is not UL listed and has had some quality issues. Bruck is a higher quality alternate if you can find something similar. Bruck is UL listed. UL is more costly and more difficult to get than just ETL listing. The better quality companies seem to all have both ETL and UL, not just ETL. UL is more strict and has provided a way to receive feedback from the industry on products with issues.

Unless you already have Crestron lighting control in your home you should consider the Lutron Grafik Eye QS instead. It's a freshly updated product and looks nicer than the Crestron. It is also ready to work with Radio Ra2 or Lutron HomeWorks QS, QS shading, has a time clock built in etc.

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Thank you so much for a great response. Where do you check to see if a vendor is UL listed? I have never purchased anything from Tech Lighting so I can easily find a similar light from another vendor. My current lights are from LBL Lighting and WAC Lighting. All the lights are 5 years old and I have not had any issues with them.

I have really struggled with my lighting control system choice. My home currently has Crestron Control system. I like the looks of Lutron and the variety of choices they have. I was thinking of connecting Crestron Lighting control with my Crestron system. Cost is nearly the same so I am going to go with Lutron Grafik Eye QS.

Thanks once again for taking the time to reply.

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Stick with Crestron since you already have it and want to connect the two. You'd need more pieces for Lutron to talk to Crestron such as a Radio Ra2 main repeater or a HomeWorks QS processor.

The catalog shows the product listings.

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Tech Lighting is ETL listed which is essentially the same as UL. Tech also owns LBL Lighting.
Did you get a deal where the halogen and LED pendants are the same price? Because the LED is normally about an $80.00 premium with Tech. But there shouldn't be any adaptor needed. Tech makes the LED pendant with exactly the same connectors as the halogen. In fact, if you have a halogen Tech system you can swap the fixtures with LEDs and not have any problem.

Tech uses virtually the same transformer for their halogen pendants as for their LED ones. The dimming for both will be fine.

Their LED is quite nice. The halogen will still give a better color rendering, but overall we've been very happy with the LED.

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I did not get a good deal. The light we chose is called "Mini Echo" from Tech Lighting.


Available as low-voltage halogen or with field-replaceable LED module (for FreeJack and Monorail only).

I might have misunderstood this and assumed that there will be separate transformer. If you go to the link above you will see 10 pictures. The 9th picture shows how a led light will look.

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I have these exact lights in my kitchen. They have a new LED fixture that does not look like the picture on the Ylighting website. I was shipped 2 of the old ones (as pictured on the Ylighting website) and one of the new ones. We didn't even notice until they were installed. The new fixture gives off much more task light. My husband sits under it to read the newspaper. They did sent replacements for the older versions at no cost We have no problems with dimming and it dims to just a glow - Lutron dimmer was used.

They did take a while to get - backordered, but I'm glad we waited.

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Ah. Okay, if you select 'LED' on the voltage pulldown menu you'll see that it's a $120.00 up charge. Just so there are no surprises.

Tech did upgrade their LEDs back in about August. The newer version is brighter and gives a better down light than the older version- although the older one was quite good as well.

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Thank you so much for telling us about the $120 up charge.
It was very tough to find the lights we liked. I have always found lighting to be very hard to choose.
We are so burnt out by now that we will accept the extra cost.

Thanks for telling us that you like these lights. They are not cheap so it is nice to know someone who is using them.

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