Humming Noise in fan that goes away if I press my fan up. What..?

lamperougeApril 15, 2013

Hi. I'm not sure what this would be. I've lived in my apartment for 3 years and last year my fan started making a humming noise. I'm embarassed to say anything to the landlord because it's barely noticable. I can hear it during the day, but it's really annoying at night when I'm trying to sleep. It's the only sound I hear and get woken up by it.

I've tried moving my fan (rotates a lot around it's axis), but it doesn't help. The only thing I've found that stops the humming is pressing the bottom piece on the fan up towards the mount. It makes the humming stop.

Does anyone know what's going on or how I can fix it? Is it something I can fix myself? Or do I have a reason to ask to have it replaced if not?

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What fan? Located where? Associated with what equipment?

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Sorry! I meant my ceiling fan located on my ceiling! I haven't been able to get a good night sleep in a while. And Associated with what?

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There are bath fans, range hood fans-- . Is the fan speed controlled from a wall-mounted device?

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A ceiling fan in my living room.... Looks like this'

It is toggled with a simple on off switch on the wall. It didn't always use to do this.

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Sounds as if the fan runs 24/7. Definitely different from my usage pattern-- to each his own. And running in the living room while you are sleeping in the bedroom?
My hearing is quite poor and if I heard the fan, I might rejoice for a while. After all, many things are a matter of perspective. To a worm, digging in the dirt is more relaxing than is going fishing.
But guesses are all I have. Perhaps the bearings are just worn out. Perhaps the accumulation of dust on the top of the blades is uneven and has upset the balance of the assembly. Perhaps the screws holding the fan to the ceiling box have worked loose and need tightening.

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