Feedback on Bosch Vision 500 (WFVC54)-Gentle on Clothes/Reliable?

gentlewasherOctober 6, 2010


I am writing to find out if anyone has feedback on the Bosch Vision 500 Series 4.4 cu ft. FL Washer (WFVC54).

I have gone through two Samsungs recently:

First one cleaned very well, but sadly left tiny pin holes in my clothes (had this happen before with a previous FL) and pulled threads from my very good towels.

Had it replaced with a more expensive, larger unit with the diamond drum--no holes now, but the edges of towels are being pulled--even at medium spin speeds--the washer is louder than I'd like, and the clothes do not smell as fresh as they did with the first one.

So...OSH (Sears) has agreed to do a final exchange. This is my last chance to get it right.

I am looking for a very gentle washer that is reliable and cleans well. I have read good reviews about the Bosch overall, but emphasis seems to be mainly on energy efficiency. I have looked into the Miele, but cannot go with the price and the right-opening door was a problem in my laundry room setup (also, at this point, I am stuck with an exchange rather than a return with OSH, so Miele is no longer an option).

Is the Bosch Vision 500 reliable, gentle and a good bet?

CR rates a similar model in the middle, but very good on gentleness (though I am not sure I always trust their ratings).

I would like to hear experiences good or bad with these and specifically if anyone has experienced damage to clothes with this machine.

Thank you so much,

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Consumer reports says that the lower priced machines are just as effective and reliable as the higher priced ones. The machine you are looking at has very good reviews.

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Thanks. Was hoping to get feedback on gentleness from actual owners. This exact model was not reviewed on Consumer Reports (one close to it was). Thanks.

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Giving a test run to my newly-installed Bosch Vision 500's - premier wash load is underway! I will share first impressions after I've run a few cycles.

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Early assessment of the Bosch Vision 500's...amazing!

Okay, so I have only run about 15 cycles and I'm comparing performance to a set of very old, unfailing Maytags. Therefore, I cannot comment on how the Bosch 500s compare to other new FL brands. Having said that, I am VERY impressed with my new Bosch machines.

These machines are incredibly quiet - whisper quiet - and there is hardly a hint of vibration, even with a heavy load on 'max spin'. I used the handwash cycle for a very delicate blouse with perfect results. Bath towels came out fresh and fluffy after a 'regular' (cold) wash and dry cycle without any pulls, fraying or shrinkage. The various items I have washed have come out perfectly clean with no signs of wear and tear on the fabric.

It's early days for me and I'm still experimenting and figuring out various settings. Nevertheless, I am very happy with these machines. I don't expect them to have the longevity of my oldtimer Maytags. However, in terms of the gentle and effective cleaning performance you are seeking, I think the Bosch 500's might be hard to beat.

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thank you b lizzie for your feedback. my vision 500s have just been installed. unfortunately we are not in our new build yet so i haven't had a chance to test them out myself!

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