Help me find a way to light this arch

hgluckmanApril 21, 2009

We've been living with this poor lighting solution in a recessed arch in our dining room for about 18 years now, but since we're going to be doing some kitchen remodeling and have drywallers in, we thought that maybe we could get this fixed at the same time. For reference, the arch is 10 ft across, and 4'2" at the highest point above the counter.

Here's the arch:

There are two 6" cans about mid-way up on either side. As is, they did not do a good job of lighting a picture in the center, or the art glass on the counter. We found some extenders, and put in halogen bulbs, and that's somewhat better, but not great since we only have the two fixtures to light the whole area.

Here's a detail on the extender:

We're looking for something that will provide both good lighting for the painting, and for the art glass on the counter. I've looked at the Wall Monorail system from TechLighting, which looks promising, but only comes in antique bronze, chrome and satin nickel. Our main lighting fixture in this area is polished brass, and there is nothing silver (or related) in the house. We'd like to find something in white or brass.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Going out on a limb... Consider eliminating the arch and make it a retangular art niche so that you can display some more paintings on the wall and get some better lighting above with maybe four 4" low voltage recessed fixtures.

If that is unacceptable the next thing is to put in three low voltage recessed fixtures. The center one aims at the painting, the ones on either side aim straight down. You will need something capable of about 40 degrees to correct for the angle.

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