Overgrown crookneck?

centralcacyclistJuly 24, 2010

A friend gave me what he said was a crookneck squash from his son's garden. It is hard and shiny and deep orange color with bumps all over it like an ornamental gourd. Is this possible? Does a crookneck left to grow indefinitely become like a hard shiny gourd? Or is he eating young ornamental gourds before they mature?

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I had a friend give me an assortment of gourds and squash....one "thing" looked very like a large gourd or ornamental squash....shiny, deep gold with bumps all over it. So I made an arrangement on my deck with a couple of pumpkins that "thing" and anotehr green ornamental squash.
Well the squirrels started on the "thing" and ate every scrap but the stem! The person who grew it said it was a squash and very sweet....the squirrels sure thought so.
Cut into it....and cook a slice or 2 and see what you think....but I expect it will be more like a hubbard than a crookneck.
Linda C

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It's an older variety of crookneck..

Here is a link that might be useful: Bumpy crookneck

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One of our farmers around here grows those and we get them from their stand sometimes. On some of the bigger ones the skin can be a little tough so I just peel it or some of it. Very good and tender, despite their appearance.

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I've seen those but never tried them.....maybe I will now.

I bought a really funny pumpkin last year. It's called the knucklehead pumpkin and it has bumps all over it that actually look like peanuts in the shell.

I took it to my mom's for the pumpkin carving she had for the great grandkids. Most of the kids were really excited to see the wierd pumpkin. One of the others, a 3 yr old, was finishing his lunch. I said Chase, did you want to touch the pumpkin before we carve it?

He said - no thank you, I am eating. LOL And I'm thinking to myself - you're 3 and you have plenty of time to be an adult!

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I was thinking of the smallish thin skinned type of yellow squash. I thought those were crookneck. This type is new to me. It's almost too pretty to cook.

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Eileen, the small yellow squash I see now with a straight neck is more of a yellow zucchini than a crookneck.

I like the crooknecks but I think they are better while small too.


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'bumpy squash'?

(just waiting for someone to suggest it goes in my bedside toolbox....)

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Would you like me to model it for you?

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Oh. yes. please. roflmao! (put THAT on foodgawker)

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Yellow crookneck is by far my favorite summer squash and one of my favorite garden vegetables. It has lots more flavor than the straight yellow squash. Bumps are characteristic of crookneck and the squash can be bumpy while still usable. Crookneck, like any summer squash are best when no longer than about 8 or 9 inches. A simple and tasty preparation is to slice them thinly and saute in butter until there are slight touches of browning. Season with S & P.


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I found two much smaller crookneck squash this morning in my mailbox. They are thin skinned and tender and are nothing like the rock hard orange monster he left me last week!

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