Rimfrost by Ikea is NOT crystal

vegansallyApril 11, 2010

The Rimfrost shade which used to be sold by Ikea is NOT crystal. I don't even think it is glass. I have three of these shades in my home and it seems more like acrylic or lucite. I am posting this because I just saw one get sold on Ebay for around $65, when it used to be sold at Ikea for $17. But what bothered me was that the seller was claiming that it was a CRYSTAL Chandelier. Most importantly it is NOT crystal and so to post it as such was extremely misleading. Those who bid on on-line auctions have to be able to trust that the item is described accurately. Secondly, it is not a chandelier - it is only a shade. I sent the seller numerous messages while the listing was still active advising him that I am somewhat of a crystal expert, and that I own three Rimfrost shades and that I am 100% certain that it isn't crystal. He posted a small part of one of my messages on the listing to 'cover himself' but he conveniently left out the parts which would have let the bidders know I knew what I was talking about. BEWARE: Although Rimfrost is a really cute shade, if it is crystal you are after then Rimfrost will disappoint. It will not create any prisms, even in direct sunlight. It does not sparkle at all.

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I hate it when people mis-represent a product and Ikea made two different shades called Rimfrost so yours may be different from mine which is definitely glass. Not crystal though.

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