Botched Cree CR6 Install

hehatemeApril 18, 2011


I am about to finish my basement so I was considering install Cree CR6 recessed lights. Before I made such a big investment I wanted to make sure that I like these lights.

I went to the home depot and bought 1 CR6.

I saw a video that showed me how easy it is to replace the light.

1. I remove the current CFL bulb

2. I removed the cone easily.

3. I took measurements to make sure that the width and depth were correct.

4. Next step was to screw in the CR6. However the receptable was high up in the can. I was unable to bring it down to screw in CR6

5. While I trying to somehow dislodge the receptable I saw a wing nut on the side. This wingnut was holding the can in place. I made the mistake of removing the wingnut.

The can came out. When I try to put the can back in its place and put the wingnut back the screw keeps on falling.

There is no space for me to hold the screw in its place while I fasten the wing nut.

I have tried using a string to hold the screw but it does not work.

I have tried using a magnet but that does not work.

There has to be an easier solution.

Let me know if you have any suggestion for me.

I can take pictures and post them if that will help.


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1. Assuming access to the top side of the can, have someone hold (or tape) the screw in place while another puts the wing nut back.
2. Use a very fine needle nose forceps/ pliers to hold the screw in place while you attempt to put on the wing nut.
3. Remove the can, fit the wing nut and put the can back. Option 1 will take almost the same amount of effort as this.

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epoxy the screw to hold it down?

Hold it with a ground down tweezers while you twist a nut down on it to anchor it, then come in with the fixture and wingnut?

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The screw that was in the fixture seemed too small. It was 1/2 inch. I went to lowes and purchased 3/4 inch screw and a washer. I used tape to hold the screw in place. I used a needle nose drawer to hold the screw while I screwed in the wing nut. I was able to attach the can back into place.

I was able to screw in the Led. After all this excitement my Led light did not come on. I am sure if the light is bad or if all the movement caused a wire to become loose.

I will try to insert the old light bulb back to see if that works.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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