Pot lights? What kind?

erpatchesApril 17, 2011

I am installing pot lights in a large great room? We were told by the electrician to do halogen, smaller can, better light.

Has anyone had experience with this?

Thank you.

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Halogen will use just about as much electricity as regular incandescant and they get quite hot. Really not a good choice for a large number of can mounted fixtures in my opinion. I would look at CFL and LED fixtures.

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The smaller the opening, the costlier the can becomes. 4" cans cost more than the 6".

If you want to install pot lights, look at both CFL and LED.

Replacing the integrated ballast for CFL pot lights could be problematic and the cost of LED CR6 lights is competitive with CFL cans.

I looked at CFL pot lights and discarded the idea because of issues with replacing the integrated ballast - access, effort, availability and cost of the replacement.

Or you could consider using other light sources - torchieres, wall sconces, cove lighting, table lamps.

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