Help me understand lightbulb types for pendant lighting over isla

mdispensaApril 29, 2012

For my 48 x 36 inch island task lighting I have decided to use a single fixture that can hang 3 mini pendant lights. The idea is to have good task lighting but have the shade offer some softer light from the side and decor. I have dimmers to that circuit as well. When I look online, I find many options such as the one below. Some have a 60 W bulb, some call for a 40W B13. At the local lighting store they use 50 W halogen which allows for much thinner wires to hang it. When looking online, the tendency is to look at the shade and hardware finish. You often can't search on bulb type. Does anyone have a good explanation of bulb options or any views on the pros and cons?

Here's an example of what I'm looking for.


Here is a link that might be useful: example of 3 pendant light fixture

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The bulbs used depends very much on what the designer of the fixture had in mind. Those intended primarily for decorative lighting will/ could utilize lower wattage incandescent bulbs.

Low voltage mr16 lights could also be used in other cases to provide small bright spots.

If the requirement is for task lighting, the items that matter the most are
1. Amount of light output - lumens, candela, ...
2. Spread of light.
3. Light temperature 2700k for warm yellowish light
4. Color rendition.

The choice of bulbs is affected by factors such as
1. the base of the bulb for example e26 base, bi pin, etc.
2. Low or line voltage
3. Dimming controls- most cfls are automatically ruled out by default.
4. Form dictated by the fixture.
5. Local energy efficiency mandates.

The most common base is the e26 and will continue for quite a while.

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