Under counter lights for kitchen- on deadline!

gwentApril 10, 2009

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Can someone give me a quick summary of options. Electrian is waiting for our decision on under cabinet lights for kitchen. It is already hardwired under cabinets and switched at wall. It is an L-shaped run of cabinets and Im confused by xenon vs halogen vs florescent..puck lights. Too many options!!

Can some one give me a short precis of options and pros and cons?

I appreciate it. thanks, in a rush in Massachusetts.

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You've eliminated puck lights because of the wiring you have. The 120V type are not a quality product and should be avoided.

Fluorescent will heat the cabinet above the least and give the most even light but at somewhat lower quality of light. Stick with high color rendering lamps. This choice is the most energy efficient.

Xenon has better color rendering and almost the life span of a fluorescent T5 lamp.

Halogen lamps are short lived and can't be touched with bare oily skin or they are even shorter lived. They produce a slightly cooler appearing light than Xenon so some prefer them.

There is also LED. Cheap ones tend to have odd coloring and score poorly for color rendering. Philips Color Kinetics is the market leader right now with a high quality product. Alkco, recently purchased by Philips, is using the Color Kinetics in their LED under cabinet also. Juno has a new LED fixture that I haven't seen yet. Their other types are nice and priced well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Juno - see under cabinet lighting

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dim4fun really hit the nail on the head.

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