Whirlpool washer won't spin or drain

blazing777October 23, 2013

I have a whirlpool washer Ultimate care model #GSL9365EQ2. It will fill with water but it will not spin or drain. I have replaced the lid switch and that didn't work so it still does nothing.
The only parts that are now working is the knob on the left to determine the size of the load and it will fill with water, other than that it does nothing. Please let me know what is wrong with it. Thank you

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You say it won't spin or drain. That infers it does agitate. Yes, it agitates? No, it doesn't agitate?

The lid switch typically (depending on age and wiring layout of the machine) does not come into play for agitation ... so failure to drain, spin, and agitate would be caused by a failure of something other than the lid switch.

Check for a wire off the motor.

Can also be a bad timer.

I can't offer any other suggestions from afar, without examination of the machine.

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Hello, sorry to hear about your washer. I have recently had problems with my Whirlpool Cabrio HE washer. It's an older model and I got it second hand. I'm not familiar with all the newer models but is your washer an HE with digital controls? If so, it should display error codes. And, when we recently had problems with ours (it was the lid lock mechanism) I found some information on how to override it. Now this may not work for your washer so you might need to look it up. To enter diagnostic mode, the washer must be in standby (no lights on etc). Press cancel and power button together then select any button except power, start, or pause/cancel hor 3 seconds (slowly--one...two...three) do this 3 times. (hold for 3 release for 3. Hold for 3, release for 3. THen hold for 3 seconds and a display should come up.) Mine said 88. After 3 seconds, any error codes should pop up. Write them down as they appear and look them up. use the same button you pressed to start diagnostic mode. After 3 more seconds, diagnostic mode will run a test. let it do it's thing. It will go thru all the systems. Then it will beep and display the error codes. Hope this helps! It could be the lid lock, depending on your machine. It might be a safety feature or something?

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lbliss79, the model referenced (GSL9365EQ2) does not have electronic controls and is a different mechanism than your Cabrio.

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