Whirlpool TL HE Cabrion frozen tub!

kaye14October 13, 2011

One year old Sept. 7 . Oct 7 Stopped with OL light on. Repairman said frozen tub from rust. 886$ to fix. I can use it by doing wash cycle, then rinse cycle, then extra spin without extra rinse. Real pain. Going to buy new machine tomorrow. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? My old washer lasted for 15 years in same spot in laundry room. Should I get another repairman to check? Thanks for any help.

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why don't you call Whirlpool and explain--complain. Thats ridiculous 13 months!

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Has the machine ever been in a room that flooded? I didn't think so. I would contact the retailer you bought the machine from AND Whirlpool about this.
I really don't think it's a rusted tub, maybe a seized bearing but that can't be determined unless the machine was taken apart to be absolutely sure.
The OL code means the machine detects an overload situation. This cold ALSO be caused by a sock or something caught between the inner and outer basket. Look in there. It could also be caused by constant oversudsing from not using an HE detergent and the shaft has become contaminated.

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Spent 3 days trying to talk to whirlpool! Finally had a chat on line that kept dropping. Retailer went out of business! Thanks for the advice, I will try to check between the tubs. I do use HE, so don't think it would be oversudsing. Anybody else have any luck dealing with Whirlpool? Thanks again for help. Been a lurker a long time, this forum is great.

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From rereading your description is sounds like the washer had a bad wash tub seal which leaked water into the tub bearing. This defect was probably there from the time it left the factory.
This should be covered by Whirlpool. How long is the warranty on your machine? I'd give them hell about it.

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Maybe. Maybe not. Depending on the model of Cabrio, it may be built on F&P's SmartDrive design. If so, the inner basket must be "loose" to move up/down about 3/8" on the drive shaft. It floats up when the tub fills (air caught in a floatation chamber beneath) to disengage from the drive clutch so the wash impeller (or agitator, depending on the model) can oscillate separately. The basket settles back onto the clutch cog when the water drains. If the basket sticks on the shaft, can't float up/down, the machine won't agitate (or spin, depending). An OL (overload) fault may trigger. The cause could be a rusted drive shaft ... or the shaft or clutch cog may just be encrusted with mineral deposits from hard water, or scrud from improper detergent dosing.

If the basket and motor drive shaft are in a severe bind, can't rotate, then bad bearings would be the cause.

Or, could be something caught under the inner basket.

Did the servicer properly disassemble the machine to determine what's the situation, or is he just guessing? Disassembly isn't particularly difficult, a competent DIYer should be able to do it.

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Thanks, that all makes sense. He did not disassemble it! He just said the whole tub was floating up..Went and got another one, but we are going to get someone else to look at it and tell me for sure what is wrong so I can deal with whirlpool. We do have hard water, but I did run cleaner thru often and think I used detergent properly. I understand no help if it is rust, but want to make sure . If mechanical then I think whirlpool should do something. Thanks again for the help.

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