Suggestion on lighting/cathederal cieling

truzellaApril 1, 2009

I have a cathederal cieling in my morning room. Plenty of windows/light during the day, however, at night it is dismal at best. I have a cieling fan that is on the left peak rather close to the point where the cieling makes a V. I was thinking of adding recessed lights but I don't know how many and how they should be placed. Any thoughts?

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If you were walking into a lighting store asking for help you'd need to know approximate slope of ceiling, finish materials, colors used in the room, height of ceiling, furniture layout, how you use the room, depth of ceiling joists, etc. to be able to choose a lamp, trim and housing appropriate for the task.

If you were to tell a designer that you sit at a table placed exactly here and want to read the paper, you are older than 40, the room is wood stained dark, you have art on the walls, the slope is 45 degrees and the peak is 20' high you are going to get a different answer than if you say you are 25, sit and drink a cup of coffee on a white couch staring out the windows in my white room, bare walls with 12' celing sloped at 30 degrees.

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