1st attempt - recessed Kitchen plan- help!

mirucaApril 2, 2013

Based on reading the GW (esp Davidtay) posts, I've started the lighting plan - am I close? Need help, please. I used:

4" Cree recessed
24-26" out from wall
36" in between lights
UCL for three range wall cabinets (15" and two 30" cabinets )

Starting point ...Placed sink lights about 18" to either side of faucet - is that right:? Does that give enough light over sink work area? Tried to avoid directly over sink based on prior GW comments .

Placed island lights at 4 corners.

Placed one light centered at the stand alone "nook" cabinet - although this seems to violate the "not palce direclty overhead center" comments

Oven wall lights .. not sure of best placement, light above range is not centered on range, refrig and pullout area seem kind of dark so placed light above pull out at 34"?

Should dining area have four recessed lights near the corners in addition to the over the table light that hangs down? If so... should I get rid of the recessed at the cabinet near to the dining sliding door?

Recommendations on family room lighting?

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If you have a cooker hood, you could utilize the lights which come with it and move the lights.

An alternative to the light above the nook cabinet would be a setup similar to phantom lighting which though will be more complicated to pull off, could provide better lighting for the cabinet and look better.

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We just redid overhead lighting in a similar floor plan. While I am very happy with the kitchen, we relied on a hanging light overhead the table, which is fine for normal dining but a bit too dim for reading at the table (I like to read my newspaper in the morning). If I were to do it over, I'd put four overhead cans (on an independent switch) around the table to supplement light output from the overhead chandelier.

By the way, we used the Cree CR4 and are extremely happy with light output and quality. It is a great product.

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jeff_4 - thanks... I just finished doign more work on the plan ... think it's a more complete product now and reposting under a new thread ... still hoping for some more guiding comments.

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