What does Cree have against 5'' cans?

lee676April 11, 2012

There's no CR5. The BR30 LED floodlamps that are available all have some issue (poor color rendering, slow startup, not wide enough beam, or too expensive). But lots of retrofits I run into need 5" modules (with built-in trim) or BR30s if you keep the existing trim bezel. The Home Depot 5/6" modules made by Halo IIRC aren't too bad, but I'd prefer 2700K rather than 3000k, better color rendering, and a deeper, less glaring lamp. The excellent Cree modules are 4" or 6" only, and their LBR-30 50-degree floodlamp bulb is 2700K and has great color (94 CRI) but is expensive and wider than PAR30 bulbs normally are and don't always fit, and only dim to 20%.

Is there a good 5" recessed LED out there?

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I thought I wanted 2700 but DH looked at both and liked the 3000, so problem solved.
Cooper will fit in the 5 inch cans - but are more expensive. Doesn't appear to have startup issues.
If you aren't in a hurry - wait and more will pop on the market!

Also - if you do want 5 inch - most of the bulbs will fit. GE and the HD for sure and both come in 2700K

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The HD Ecosmart BR30 (rebranded, made by Lighting Science) is 2700K but light looks pinkish to my eyes, mediocre color rendering in general, and takes almost a full second to light up after you flip the switch - just a tad annoying. Haven't tried the GE.

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