Fisher&Paykel GWL11 constantly beeping

mommyriversOctober 30, 2010

Hello All, I purchased a used FP GWL11 and the lady seemed to be honest when she said that it worked, but I am having problems with it. It is taking me 3-4 hours to complete a load due to the continuous beeping. It begins beeping at me once it reaches the second light under the "wash" letters. Once I push start again it sounds like it is dispensing water then begins beeping once again after a few minutes of me pushing "start". This goes on and on for hours. Since the lady moved I am not able to go back to ask her how long ago she purchased it, nor do I have the manual. I am a full time student and won't be able to afford a costly repair man; therefore, any help you give me would be appreciated. Please HELP!!!

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F&P agitator toploaders work somewhat differently than other machines. One must understand how they're supposed to work in order to recognize what's the problem when a malfunction occurs.

On all cycles except Perm Press, the machine initially fills with a small amount of water at the selected temperature (five choices) to saturate the clothes and dissolve the detergent. The pump and a recirculation valve activates and this concentrated solution is showered over the load for 4 mins (Eco Active wash) while the basket rotates at 25 RPM. Then the pump and valve turn off and the machine fills rest of the way (with cold water) for an agitated wash. Perm Press skips Eco Active and fills immediately for the agitated wash period (maximum temp allowed on Perm Press is Warm). The water level can be selected manually (five choices) or the machine can auto-sense the level. The wash water drains and the cycle proceeds into the rinse and final spin phases. Heavy Duty & Regular cycles run a shower rinse to save water unless the Softener Rinse option is selected. Delicate, Woolens, & Perm Press run a traditional agitated rinse.

Cycle interruption & beeping at the point you describe may be a problem with the recirculation valve. If the valve doesn't switch properly between recirculate and drain modes, the water may recirculate when it should be draining (or drain when it should recirculate).

You can run some tests to check machine functions.

- With Power off, press and hold Wash Temp Down, then press Power at the same time. Should get two beeps and the panel comes on in Diagnostic Mode.

- Important, don't skip this step! Press the Delicate cycle button. The light turns on and the recirculation valve under the tub activates. It takes a couple mins for the valve to shift modes and there's no visual indication on the panel when it's done, which is why you need to turn the valve on now so it'll be ready to go when you're finished getting some water filled in the next step.

- Press Wash Temp Up to turn the hot water valve on/off to confirm the water runs. Press Wash Temp Down to run the cold water. Let enough water fill to see it just coming up on base of the agitator. Visually confirm that the hot and cold water flow in at about the same rate. If either hot or cold is noticeably slower than the other, then the slow valve may be bad or there's a clogged screen in the valve where the supply hose connects or at the faucet end.

- Wait a little longer if at least 2 mins hasn't passed since you turned on the Delicate button. If at least 2 mins has passed, then you're ready to proceed to the next step.

- Press the Regular cycle button to turn on the pump (Delicate should still be on). Water should shower out of the recirculation port at the upper right-rear of the tub, and NO WATER should be flowing out of the drain hose. If water drains or both drains and recirculates, then the valve is at fault. If the pump doesn't run at all, then the pump is the fault. If recirculation runs properly, then go to the next step.

- Press Regular and Delicate to turn them off. Wait 3 to 4 mins. Press Regular to turn the pump on again (NO Delicate this time). Water should flow out of the drain hose, and NOT from the recirculation port. If it does recirculate, or both drains and recirculates, then again the valve is the fault.

- Assuming the machine will drain, let the pump run to drain all the water. Press Regular to turn the pump off.

- Now you need to check what's the last Fault Code the machine recorded, if any. Press the Spin Speed Up (or Down) button repeatedly as needed until BOTH the Hold and Slow spin lights are on. The eight wash progress lights display the Fault Code, per which lights are on. From left to right, the lights are numeric values of 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. Add up the total of the lights that are on to get the code. Example: 3rd, 6th, and 8th lights is 32 + 4 + 1 = 37.

- Press Power to turn the machine off and exit Diagnostics.

Report back here what you find.

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