Flat screen tv's - creative ways to conceal?

ctychickJanuary 11, 2009

We will be hanging one in our semi-formal living room. Since it's not our primary hang-out room AND it is just off the entrance-way, I really want to hide it in a classy way. Any ideas? I know there are companies out there that design and build custom cabinets, but I really don't want to break the bank.

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How big is the thing? Do not any of the TV wall cabinets that they manufacture and sell in stores fit? Or is it that you can't find a style to suit your furniture? If you add a buffet under it you can make it blend in better. The buffet can be used for storage. A four legged table under it would not work as well, making the wall unit overpower it.

This one is Mission style but they make all styles out there.

The other option I have seen used in decorating is to have a floor length curtain that is pulled across it to hide when not in use. Or get a sliding panel, although you would need room on one side to have the panel slide aside.

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Of course you can have it disguised as a painting or have it behind a cabinet of books or have it in a console that pops up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hide your t.v.

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cookie, would the tv go in the oven, lol ???

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LOL @ cookie08's link!

That WOULD be a creative conceal.

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I'm wondering if you couldn't use a piece of art that is e just stretched on a chunky frame and left unframed. If the frame were chunky enough (I guess 5" or so), the piece could act as a cover for the TV. You could mount a few small hinges on one side and perhaps a magnet latch on the other side.

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We looked into this a few years ago and then dropped it but I recall that you can recess it a bit (or at least recess the box where the wires stick out so that the screen is flat against the wall) and then put a piece of art around it as jakabedy suggests. One place had the artwork hinged on top and you just open it like a hatchback. I liked that but a friend suggested that would be like watching TV out of your trunk! Not sure I agree..., and doing this would probably be my favorite option if we went ahead with it.

Or, do you like the idea of having a big decorative frame and the actual screen showing? Some people like to have it on with a still picture going...

Other than that you would have to break the bank and get electronically controlled things where the canvas rolls up into the frame, etc.

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I've been wanting to do that with the bedroom TV. I recently saw a mirror that fit that TV and you can see the screen beautifully through the mirror. When it's turned off, just the mirror is visible. I thought it would be a great way to hide the TV for our purposes, maybe it would work for you, too. I'll be happy to give you more info if you're interested.

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Mirror TVs are pricey but they are hidden if that is important. Not sure how good of a picture you get with one. They are popular for bathrooms.

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Picture quality if not great through a mirror. Be sure and see one in person before agreeing to do this.

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Anyone recall who posted the photo of the tv concealed by lovely old shutters?
The shutters moved to the side on tracks that looked like drawer gliders.
It was such a neat idea that I saved the photo---unfortunately, on the computer that just died.

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Emmachas, Always save things to two places and for important things three or more. Hard drive. Disc. Online hosting service. Email. And some websites will allow you to 'save' things in your profile so you can easily reference things without having to mine your hard drive. Just look in the upper right hand corner of your post and click on the appropriate action; clip this post, email this post.

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Oh my gosh, and excuse me for jumping in but I never even noticed that little "clippings" thing up in the right corner, dillydally. That's fabulous, thanks for telling us! Here I've been copying and pasting things into emails, which is rather laborious.

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Here's a company that likes to hide the T.Vs. Its really neat he way this works, it can go up and down or side ways, you just have to have the room for the picture to move.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moving pictures above the t.v.

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dilly dally - are you aware of any other sources for the tv wall cabinet other than Horchows. The one I wanted has been discontinued and I have been on the lookout to purchase it elsewhere with out any luck. Thank you.

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Lacombe, those "art lifts" are awesome.

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Lynnrct, Just Google *TV Wall Cabinet* for oodles of them. Amazon has a lot. Pick the style you like best.

If anybody wants to completely hide your TV, (and if price is no object) try a rotating wall:

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there's a picture of shutters here, I don't think they move on a track

Here is a link that might be useful: shutters

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