Anything wrong with this light?

marvelousmarvinApril 18, 2012

I have a rental that I'm in the process of updating, including getting a new dining room light. Its a rental, but its still in a nice area and I might sell it in a few years. The problem is all this design stuff isn't in my wheelhouse so please help me in picking something out. (I never knew that there was anything wrong with the kitchen cabinets being painted a glossy black color).

Right now, this is the dining room light(its my understanding that it is considered dated because of the brass color):

Do you think something like this would be a good choice for a new dining room light- something that could appeal to a large spectrum of renters, something that won't be dated in a few years like brass, etc..:

Anybody notice anything wrong with this light, why I shouldn't chose it?

I'm kind of concerned that the lamp shades are pointing down when I noticed that most lamp shades for other lights point up. I don't know if it means it should be a deal breaker or not? Is there any advantage if the lamp shades point up or down?

And, another concern I had was that since the dining room is next to the kitchen and they're connected together via that breakfast bar, does the finish for the lighting need to match the finish for the kitchen faucet and cabinet handles. (I also need to get a new faucet, and maybe handles too).

Or, do I need to be concerned that the chrome finish for the lighting won't match the finish for the door knobs which are brushed nickel?

Finally, I couldn't use this same lighting fixture for the stair lights too, right? The stair light also needs to throw some light into the office. If I can't use the same light for the stairs, I'm looking for any suggestions for lighting that might work.

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"something that won't be dated in a few years like brass"

Brass is likely to appear less dated than anything else.

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The biggest problem I see with the current light is that it is too high -- it should be lowered to about 60". Is it centered over the table, or where the table will go? If you want to modernize it, how about adding simple black shades?
The second fixture is to me more taste specific and actually a little dated-looking.

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I thought about modernizing the current dining room light with shades, but at a cost of about $5 for each shade for eight shades, it didn't seem worth it if the light fixture were still a dated, golden brass. (I'm a bit confused by brickeyee's statement because I thought that golden brass look was considered a dated 80s look like those wide shoulder suits that office women wore. I also changed all the door knobs too cause they were also golden brass).

I saw the chrome dining room fixture with the shades pointing down on sale and I figured it was worth it to spend a little more to get something less dated. Although, since it was on clearance, I was a bit skeptical if there was something wrong with it.

But, what exactly makes it dated-looking? Is it because the lights and shades are pointing down?

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The light is too high, and I would take it down and spray paint it all white, and add longer white chain.

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Try posting this on the Home Decorating forum. You will get lots of advice on what needs to match and what is currently in style.

Cheap imitation brass, which is what that chandelier is likely made of, has been out of style for some time. What you have in mind for the dining room is fine. You don't need to match the lighting to the plumbing fixtures, but getting them all in silver tones (chrome, nickel, or brushed nickel) will look quite nice.

It would be lovely if the stair light were similar to the dining room light. See if the company that makes the chandelier also makes a foyer light in the same style.

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