Chandelier with single shade all the way around... Affordable?

bradycalvinApril 28, 2009

Hello all. We are really interested in putting in new chandeliers that have a single shade going all the way around. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that has an affordable line of these?

Maybe we could could make one buy purchasing a traditional chandelier and somehow attach a large single shade. Has anyone tried this?

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If one bulb is sufficient, you can make one of these with a stem mounted pendant and a shade that fits a harp. Not a clip on. It is really pretty easy to do. When you remove the stems from the top of the socket housing there is usually a nipple sticking up that is long enoug to sit the shade on and enough threads left to attach the stems on top of that. All you have to do is screw the stems back together and just besure the fist stem is tightened up sufficiently. If the fixture you find has a very short stem sticking out the top, you can replace it with one that is longer, even if you have to cut the longer one off some. You might ask to see the fixture out of the box to be sure that it has a nipple that will go through the hole in the shade. These nipples and the shade hole are pretty standard. Buy the cheapest stem pendant fixture you can find in the finish you want. It will have a glass, you won't need. Don;t worry about that, it will be chep enough. You can then use any shade you like, whatever size you like. Only drawback it that there won't be a glass diffuser under the light to shield the bulb, so be sure that you install it over the table at a comfortable height so you can't see the bulb. If your shade won't allow for that, you can use a Globe bulb that is meant to be seen.
I have used this simple trick numerous times when trying to keep a job in budget or when my client had to have a particular shade. This will work for just about any size shade. The larger the shade, the more wattage you can use. Mariana Imports makes some very nice drum shade fixtures that won't break the bank, if you can live with ivory shades. I remember doing a great bath re-model using this technique with 4 small drum shades and hanging them
down on either side of the facebowls. We saved a small fortune on that job. We really got 4 for the price on 1. I also did a great small restaurant re-model on a tight budget with shades that the owner had hand painted.
Good Luck

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