L shaped hallway skylight placement

confused_newbieApril 20, 2013

Hi, can I please get some advice on hallway skylight placements?

The hallway is L shaped (2 sections, ~17' and 11'), 3.5; wide, with a 8" ceiling. Due to various roofing constraints, I come up with two possible designs, as shown in the picture.

option A: two (2'x2') skylights, one for each section, south and west facing.
option B: one (2'x2') skylight, at the turn of the "L", north facing.

My main concern (I never have skylights before) is heat gain/loss. Option A obviously casts more light due to more skylights and also being south/west facing. However, I am worried that heat gain would be a problem in the small hallway area. Option B gives less light, but I guess heat will be a lesser concern? Would the single north facing skylight bring in enough light to even justify the work/cost?

Thanks in advance!

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Have you looked at the solatube options? They look more like flush light fixtures, give great light, but don't have the heat loss/gain that normal skylights have. If you search on gardenweb you will find many people that are very satisfied with them.

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I did look into solatube/suntunnel and energy efficiency is really a big plus. However, I am not a big fan of the look of the solatubes. And also thought skylight might open up the narrow/short (as in not tall) hallway a bit. Any thoughts?

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