Need a modern faucet without a water saver.

icenetJanuary 2, 2011

My last faucet was a Hansgrohe Talis. It looked great but I was always disappointed with the water pressure. Since I'm in rental now, it has a cheap $20 faucet with amazing water pressure. My guess is there's no water saver.

I'm moving in two weeks and will need to get a new faucet. I like the design of the Hansgrohe line but don't think I can deal with the low pressure again.

Any suggestions??? Thanks!!!!

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Oh no! I'm planning on getting the Talis (or one of the couple others like it) for the upcoming reno! Two of them in fact! And I like water pressure. Uh oh.....

Sorry I can't help YOU!

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I love our Jado faucet. I don't know if it does or does not have a water saver. We have brand new plumbing in a completely new location in our recent kitchen reno and let me tell you, I could knock someone out with the water pressure coming out of the new Jado faucet. Again, not sure if it's the new plumbing, the faucet or a combo of both. But you might want to take a look at Jado???

I bought mine (Coriander Pulldown) from for around $350.00

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Hansgrohe faucets have accessible flow limiters that you can widen. Or remove. AFAIK. Call them tomorrow. Buy an extra one when you buy the faucets.

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The water saver in mine was removable. It was removed during construction and then accidentally thrown out (NOT by me!). I hate it. The water pressure causes massive splashing. But I haven't been able to find the matching part. I may replace the entire faucet because of this.

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I think all faucets have multiple water savers and aerators now, I took 5 out of my faucet after it was installed and the flow is great now. You can usually unscrew something at the end of the faucet and take out whatever you want. You might need to inspect the faucet before you buy it just to make sure.

Good luck.

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You can speed up the flow, but should you?

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