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momofmattJuly 17, 2012

The CUKES and beets have taken over my world! Today I planned to can pickles and pickled beets when I pulled out my canner and reread the instructions it said not to use on a glass top stove. Off to the stove site which says to ONLY use a flat bottomed canner. Can I use jar rings to cover bottom of a stock pot to make a rack. The canner rack is about 1/2 inch too wide to work, and this is the only idea I have been able yo come with.

I like the fairly new range a little less.LOL

Thanks so much for any help.

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Jar rings to keep the jars off the bottom of the pot....and a pot large enough to cover the jars by....think it's 2 inches.

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Have no real knowledge of glass top stoves. But canning cukes & beets (pickled) is one of the easier things to do. Saw somewhere recently where someone made a LONG "snake" of scrunched up foil and fashioned a "rack" to set jars on.

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Thanks so much to both of you.
I haven't canned in years and the decided that I was making rocket science of the jar ring rack thing. The first batch of b and b pickles are finished and it worked a charm. Never Would have thought of the foil.....
From what I have read today you MUST use a flat bottom canner on any electric stove.

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Well, I'm too late to help but I've seen canning rings wired together with twist ties as a rack, so I know it works. I canned for years with a dish towel in the bottom of a stock pot in lieu of a real canner or rack.

Happy Canning!


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