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rg8043April 24, 2013

I have a focus low voltage lighting system. All of a sudden, lights started burning out. If this helps, at first I noticed a couple of burned out bulbs and I had to go out of town. When I returned a few days later, several other bulbs stopped working, they burned out starting from the point furthest from the transformer. I checked each burned out light fixture with a volt meter and the fixtures have power.

I can't understand why the bulbs are burning out. I don't have a clue as to where to start to determine the cause. Any suggestion would be most appreciated.



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If one bulb burns out, it increases the voltage to the others, and may cause them to burn out as well.

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Before I purchase several new bulbs, does anyone know if there is some way to test the system to determine if a burned out light caused my problem?

Thank You

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what is the voltage rating of the bulbs and what was the voltage you measured when you checked the fixtures for power?

Are they halogen lights?, If so, be sure not to handle them with bare fingers, and if they were halogens, I would try to find a Xenon substitute, they last 5 times longer and do not get as hot.


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