Ceiling fan on my dining balcony

suzanne10023March 6, 2013

I'm renovating a pre-war Manhattan apartment, with a sunken living room and a dining "balcony" set off by an iron railing. There's no central air - I'll have window air conditioners in the living room and bedroom. In order to get the cool air to flow properly through the apartment and into the kitchen and bath, I need to put a ceiling fan on my dining balcony, more-or-less over the table. (The building's alteration agreement does not permit me to relocate the existing wiring in the ceiling.)

I know, I know, the design shows all hate ceiling fans in dining areas. You're supposed to have a chandelier. (I will have a lovely chandelier in my entry foyer.) But I really need a fan.

So I'm struggling to find a fan that's not too ugly, too country, too bedroom, too tacky in general - and that gives off enough light! (The dining table will also serve as extra prep space for the galley kitchen.) I'd love to find something striking, with a stylish accent piece look. I'm open to modern or traditional, but not to insanely expensive.

Any ideas?

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