Lighting and migraines

lafaciaMarch 12, 2013

Putting recessed lighting in new kitchen. I'm extremely sensitive to light. Have to wear sunglasses at the grocery store, Target, the mall...even then I have a short window of time before I develop a migraine. I'm nervous about choosing the wrong type of lighting...LED or something else? Thanks for your help.

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Well, I know little about types of lighting, but seems like whatever you get should have a diffuser and be dimmable. Try seeking out a local lighting specialty store. Maybe more fixtures with lower output vs few powerful fixtures?

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If you've been diagnosed with Irien Syndrome, CFL and other fluorescent lighting should be avoided.

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Definitely AVOID CFL! Flourescents normally flicker at about 60 cycles, which causes migraines in a few of us (me included!) Even the ones that claim to be flicker free give me headaches!

LED is excellent - no flicker. Halogen can also be good. Incandescent is totally safe for you. Beware of poor dimming. Some dimmers or fixtures being dimmed can cause flicker.

There are many new LED bulbs that have beautiful light, available in different spectrums of color. Look for the color temp - bright white has a very high number (4000), and warm white is a lower number (2800 ish).

Diffusers will not help you.

In my office, they actually installed a movie lighting fixture - pure LED - that has excellent light and is quite small. Be aware, they are not cheap, but quality LEDs will last for years. We have 3 mini pendants (1.5 watts each) made by Bruck that we leave on 24/7.

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