LED that doesn't hum but fits in a standard junction box

lucas_tx_gwMarch 6, 2013

There are some LEDs that can go into an existing can, or will fit in a standard junction box. I've included a link to a review of one of them below. The comments on the Home Depot site for this light also note that it hums with a dimmer.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar LED that's good quality, affordabe and can be dimmed without humming?


Here is a link that might be useful: LED review

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LED lights require LED compatible dimmers. Also best to check the dimmer list for compatible bulb brands and sizes. Not all bulbs are compatible with all the dimmers (which I find totally annoying).

LED floods, f.ex. should be sized for the cans take (usually there are stickers inside that tell you the size.

I have older cans and incandescent dimmers. My cans take Par38 bulbs. I've had very good luck with Lowe's Utilitech 3000K daylight (yellow streak) Par 38 LED bulbs, about $35. Because we have not yet changed out the dimmers I do a workaround and buying slowly since they are $$$$.

For every 4 lights I use 3 LEDs and 1 incandescent. The one incandi powers the switches enough so the switches and dimmers work (if all are changed out they don't work). No humming.

The bonus I found with this brand from Lowe's is that it's their proprietary brand. A few of the bulbs were defective and burned out within months (as opposed to 30,000 hours, however long that is). I was able to exchange them with no questions asked.

When I change out the switches (hopefully later this year) and go all LED, I will use the Lutron switches. They also have infrared with remote and timer switches -- some states will give cash rebates for installing these.

The Utilitech bulbs are on the Lutron list. I loathed the compact fluroescents but the LED light is very good IMO.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowe's LED

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Thanks. The issue is I need lights that go in junction boxes not cans, we have too many ac ducts and joists in the wrong places. We were able to stuff in the junction boxes tucked up amongst the joists but no way for the cans.

Like you, I did a lot of investigating on the the bulbs that go in cans, only to figure out that I can't use cans.

Everyone that has this particular light both on the HD site and on that 3rd party review, complains about the humming even with compatible dimmers.

So now I'm wondering if anyone else makes such a light, but minus the hum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the light on home depot site

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HD is the low price (and often quality) leader.

Less noise is likely to cost you more $

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Put in a typical octagon box for mounting a light fixture and use surface mounted fixtures.

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Understand that HD is often not the quality leader but since their other home brand Cree bulbs are good, we thought these might be as well.

4" boxes are in, at this point I we aren't going to want to switch to surface mount.


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I changed out 8, 35 watt halogen lights with LED floods from Home Depot., just screwed the led's in where the halogens were.

They are on a lutron dimmer, same one halogens were on, the fancy dimmer, with the delay off, touch twice for full brightness, etc. No humming whatsoever!


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The review linked in the original post, by lucas_tx, is mine, and it is very old. Here is information in Fall, 2014. The luminaires sought, LED lights on ceiling junction boxes, are presented in a Pinterest collection, here:

A Sylvania 70732 will be the usual choice, http://www.pinterest.com/pin/352758583284832530/
These are $24.95 today on well-stocked on Lowe's store shelves. At 900 lumens, they are a little bright for an eight foot ceiling. For an eight foot ceiling, choose 750 lumens Nicor DLS: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/352758583285802677/

The Sylvania 70732 and the Nicor DLS demand a deep junction box, such as RACO 175. If you must accept small junction boxes, use Lithonia LED Versilite.

My reviews of all of these lights are found with search of blog posts, Label LED Plate lights.

The photo below includes all of the lights currently of interest to me in Spring, 2014, at Portland, Oregon's 2014 Better Living Show. Learn more, here:

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r5portals, do you know if the Sylvania 70732 can be put in a screened porch? It does not say that it is rated for a damp location but I see in your blog linked above that you had put the Glimpse into a soffit location. My screened porch will have the Ezebreeze windows which are vinyl covered screens.

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The Sylvania and Lighting Science Glimpses seem superior to the Ecosmart CREEs.

Phillips also has a new model coming out this month called the Slim Surface:


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HD is the low price (and often quality) leader.
Less noise is likely to cost you more $

If you are finding the best solar powered lights for your home, view this website and read quality reviews about Solar Flood Lights

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