Need a low maintenance sturdy top loader self-repairable

lissainflagOctober 7, 2012

Would appreciate any advice on choosing a top-loading washer which is simple, sturdy, and that I can repair and maintain myself without calling in a repair person. The washer need only have basic controls, hot water washes, and be large enough for a comforter. The thread on SpeedQueen interested me, but I'm not sure if it comes with a manual that allows me to repair it (most manuals only do basic troubleshooting).

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There is a brand called Staber that might be what you are looking for. I seem to remember reading some discussions about DIY repairs on these, but it was so long ago . . .
You can use the Search function for this forum, put the word in, and see all the topics where it has been discussed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Staber web site

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For the Speed Queen model I bought, the AWN412, there is a parts manual available on the SQ website. Has exploded views of the different portions of the machine, and the parts are labelled.

The customer service people at Speed Queen are very helpful; I emailed them with questions before the purchase and they got back to me right away. Maybe you could ask them about the availability of repair manuals.

I have had my SQ top loader for a few weeks and am very happy with it. It's built like a tank.

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Queen support page

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Thanks cavimum and sarakay. I have accessed both those sites now and have also been reading owner reviews. I have pretty much decided against the staber as the quality of their customer service seems erratic in customer reviews. Also they do not appear to have a comprehensive owners manual available though I will contact them for verification. Speed queen is looking like a strong possibility though I need to do further research on how often sq top loaders break down. I really need a machine that just does not break down so I can keep up on the wash for my highly allergic family and not have to clean down my house after the department come in with Cologne or cigarette smoke.

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Correction. I meant repairmen. not sure how that was changed to department.

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There are plenty of people that will help you should your TL ever break down. Just try forums like this or I vote for Speed Queen.

Here is a link that might be useful: and be large enough for a comforter

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When you narrow down your choices check out the prices for the various parts for the different makes/mfg. Sometimes the parts are the same for different companies but sometimes they are not and you pay more for a certain brand. Just a thought...

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