Can I lower the wattage? Gu24 13w bulb

cookingrvcMarch 1, 2011

Just had pendant lights replaced in kitchen and didn't realize they have the squiggly bulb. So, the dimmer (sob) had to be eliminated and the light is a bit too bright.

I have no idea if there's a lower wattage or whether I can safely reduce the wattage.

The pendant is made by Globe-electric. Mini pendant model 6318001; item 0166211.



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GU24 lamps are self-ballasted. You can install any GU24 bulb that will fit the fixture. The problem is that I have yet to see any GU24 CF lamps smaller than 13 watts. (Not to say they don't exist, I just can't find them.)

However, Maxlite makes a dimmable 15w GU24 CF. There may be other makers but that's the one I came across first. No endorsement intended, I have no experience with these.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maxlite dimmable GU24

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Hi. Amazon has a couple of listings for GU24 9 watt bulbs, so check there and your local lighting shop. The dimmable GU24 should work and give you a lot of light for those rare situations when you need that much. My experience with with dimmable CFL's is that they have to be switched on at maximum power then dimmed down.

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Ok great. We'll put back the dimmer switch and get the dimmable bulbs. Perfect. Thank you.


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Be wary of the Maxlite dimmable GU24.

We have used them over our kitchen island and the flickering and variation in color between the two bulbs has proven quite annoying.

We switched over to the Bulbrite version of the dimmable 13W GU24 and have been pleased.

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Good information. I cannot have flickering due to medical condition so that is out and plus thats just plain annoying I am actually getting use to the light without the dimmer but still like the flexibility the dimmer adds

Sounds like Bulbrite is the way to go based on your results.

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Hi. I have GE dimmables and encounter no flicker down to minimum output. The color is quite close too.

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A friend just suggested using a gu24-to-e26 converter to move me from CFL to LED. Not sure where that lands me with 'dimmable' and what kind of light that gives me (warm versus blue).
Any thoughts?


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Sue, it all depends on the LED retrofit you install.

FYI, I'm not sold on LED. They have some promise, but they don't yet match the efficiency of the best CFs (some are significantly worse), and they cost a LOT more. And all I've seen have been quite directional, so not very well suited to anything but downlights.

There are cheap LED retrofits, but their light quality is poor, premature failures are reported to be common, and their efficiency is sometimes barely any better than incandescents'.

If you have a light which is very hard to access, buy the best LED you can afford and hope it lasts the claimed 25000 to 50000 hours. Be prepared to spend $20-50 for it.

For other fixtures, I don't yet recommend LED retrofits. But ask me again in 6 months. :)

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I've only found e26 (male) to GU24 converters. Are they available in a female version so I can screw the bulb in?

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Now that I think about it, a gadget which adapted a GU24 socket to an Edison base lamp would be contrary to the basic idea of the GU24, wouldn't it? The whole point is that you can't fit an incandescent lamp to the fixture, you have to use a more-efficient one.

It would also be hazardous to use an incandescent, since you'd be putting a hot bulb into a fixture designed for a somewhat warm one.

If you want to experiment with LED lighting, a few GU24 LED retrofits are on the market. All those I've seen have been directional (downlights), but then that's the nature of LEDs.

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Very true. Why do people even search for a GU24 to E26 adapter. It doesn't make any sense.

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Well, why did mfgs invent a GU24 bayonet base, we've been using E(XX), well, ever since Edison!!

and, aren't UCLs downlights anyway?

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why did mfgs invent a GU24 bayonet base

So the fixtures would NOT be compatible with old fashioned Edison-base bulbs.

This is for two reasons.

One is legal, having to do with state and federal (actually, international) efficacy requirements which are trying to reduce energy use.

The second is safety. A fixture that can only use a bulb that gets warm (CF or LED), and can't be fitted with a bulb that gets hot (incandescent), can be designed with less concern for heat dissipation.

aren't UCLs downlights anyway?

Many are, but the OP wasn't asking about UCLs.

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Similar question, but I'd like to up the watts. I have a bathroom fixture that came with three 13w GU24 bulbs. I don't think it's bright enough. Is it safe if I "upgrade" the bulb to a 24 or 26w?


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Money, does the fixture have a label giving maximum wattage?

It could be a bad idea to over-lamp the fixture. Shorter bulb life for sure, but maybe a fire hazard.

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