Please review lighting plan - meeting with electrician Thursday

lexmomof3March 12, 2013

Please review my lighting plan. Our house plan didn't come with one. I'm meeting with the electrician Thursday. I'm pretty satisfied with the first floor but I've posted it in case anyone sees something I should do differently. There is a small recessed light in front of the fireplace that I'm unsure about. We haven't decided if we'll put the TV there or artwork. Any advice on the lighting for TV vs artwork?

I'm not at all sure about the second floor. I feel like I need more light in the bedrooms but not sure if can lights are the answer. We have decided on foam for the roofline so that should help with air leakage if we do add more can lights. The recessed area in the upstairs hallway is for family pictures. There will be recessed lighting to highlight them.

Red circles = can lights
Hexagons = ceiling fans
Not sure if I will put ceiling fans on the front porch, there for the ?.
Black Circles = regular ceiling fixtures.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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second floor:

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I love your floor plan. Can you send me the details on it?? Thanks so much!!

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