recessed lights in bathroom--HELP!

nycbluedevilMarch 4, 2011

I am doing a complete renovation of my bathrooms. I have been on top of all aspects of this renovation but know nothing about lighting and didn't think to ask any questions of the contractor or electrician. I guess I just thought that recessed lights were recessed lights and that there wasn't a lot of choice out there. Guess I got that wrong. I just asked the electrician today what he is planning to use and he said Halo 99t. These are 4" incandescent lights. I had assumed that we were going to use halogen. I have some wall sconces that are incandescent. Do I need then to use incandescent recessed lights? Why would I want to use incandescent, especially with them being phased out? Didn't have much choice on the sconces, though.

Help--I am confused and the electrician is coming on Monday!

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There are CFL, LED, incandescent and halogen lights for both recessed and sconces.

Then there are dimmable CFLs, LEDs.

Depending on the bathroom size, CFL wall sconces may suffice.

Local laws may dictate the use of CFL or LED over incandescent and halogen.

For example Title 24 requires that at least 1/2 the wattage is used for approved energy efficient lighting.

The main thing is to figure out the aesthetics and then how to achieve compliance with local code requirements while accomplishing the desired look.

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I don't have to worry about code requirements and I do want to use the incandescent sconces because I like them a lot. I just need recessed lights in the shower, in the toilet area and in the soffet over my vanity mirror. Would halogen or incandescent work best?

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For intensity, I would select halogen. Just my preference.

I recommend that you take a look at what's available first @ your local lighting store first. Ranging from MR16 to 4" recessed lights.

If you need recessed lights in the shower, the housing has to be rated for damp environments.

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"If you need recessed lights in the shower, the housing has to be rated for damp environments."

They must have a cover that completely protects the bulb from ANY water contact.

If you splash water on a hot bulb they have a nasty habit of shattering.

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