New Method Fabric Softener Scents

livebetterSeptember 3, 2011

These scents are not listed on Method's website but is showing 2 new scents as "coming soon".

Lavender Lilac

Waterlily & Aloe

I know some here are not big fans of the Method FS. I might (lol ...) have to try it just once.

As 'yall know, my fav is the Shaklee Get Clean but I may try one of the new scents from Method. I was not a fan of the Fresh Air scent which is why I haven't tried it so far.

Lavender Lilac has peaked my curiosity but I'm usually disappointed with Method's scents.

Anyway ... FYI :)

Here is a link that might be useful: - Method fabric softener

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I actually find all scents from Method to be really nice. The Fresh Air detergent smells great, the Fresh Air Fabric Softener does not smell great.

The BIG problem with Method Fabric Softeners is the gross, jelly-fat like consistency and that it does NOT soften.

So, I'm sure Waterlily & Aloe and Lavender Lilac will smell lovely...but they will be total crap!!! :) LOL

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"... gross, jelly-fat like consistency ..."

This makes me think the bottle must have been in bad temperatures at some point. It makes no sense it would be like that to begin with but I have heard of some "green" brands that will congeal in extreme temps.

FWIW, I've never seen it happen to Shaklee, Seventh Generation or Vaska.

I have seen it happen to Ecover.

@larsi, considering our difference of opinion on so many other products, I'll still have to try this for myself. :)

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Plus that they are expanding by adding two new scents tells me someone must be buying the FS and liking it. :)

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My experience with Method FS has been poor as well. I haven't tried the stuff in the new bottle - my experience was with the "squeaky green" product. The consistency was like congealed gravy fat, it left behind evidence of its grossness in my FS dispenser, and it also did very little to soften my clothes. As far as "green" FS goes, Vaska and Seventh Generation yield much better results.

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@sshrivastava, the new bottle maybe a new formulation to the one you tried.

I'm not holding out big hope (as I love my usual one) but I'll still give it the 'ole college try :)

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To me, the Waterlily/Aloe smells great in the bottle and the clothes smell great out of the dryer, but, when I use this and line dry they smell fishy so I cant use it with line drying. It also sticks in the softener cup. Maybe the new formula will be different. Best to stick with Downy Free for me.

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