Snow, Snow and more Snow

jewels_ksFebruary 24, 2013

On last Wednesday to Friday we got 14.5" of snow which is unusual for Kansas. Starting Sunday night to Tuesday we might get another 12" of snow and lots of wind....blizzard time. I was really scared to let my teenagers drive home from school on Wednesday and now I will have to worry again on Monday. The kids had snow days on Thursday and Friday and probably again on Tuesday. We really needed the snow to hydrated Kansas, but we did not need this much!!

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So sorry to hear bad weather at your end. I'm sure it's no fun. Do take care of yourself and family. Please be careful.

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I'm beyond enjoying snow except to look at pictures so I feel for you.

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Am looking at the forecast for me (in OKC) as I type. I can see how much Kansas is going to be snowed on.... and I don't envy you at all.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that everyone will get passed this unscathed.


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Toni S

I also hope Sunday night is a light easy snow. Maybe Kansas will get some rain but then there is ice to think about. I always worry about my teens driving on snow too. Spring isn't close enough!

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I saw this on Weather Channel yesterday. The good news it will help your drought conditions. I hate it when my daughters (23 and 24) are driving around in the snow, especially at night. Everyone be safe!

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Jewels, I'm hoping that snow comes early and they close the schools tomorrow. Then you (and now me) won't have to worrry about the kids driving it that mess.

I feel for all of you with children driving in snow. I'd be a basket case!!

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I envy you! lol We need the water to fill our lakes and rivers, bring on the Spring wild flowers and not have to ration water this summer. It's snowing her in Colorado right now. I'm loving it!!!!!! Very pretty! Very quiet and calm.

It kills "bugs" to be this cold. What's not to like about THAT perk? :0)

Drive slow and everyone will be safe.....

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Teach your kid responsibility from when tiny ... with illustrations of the potentially hurtful results sometimes when one doesn't.

Teach 'em (or, if they're not about to listen to you, a driving course: much cheaper than cost/hassle of repairing fenders ... or worse) to drive.

Then - trust 'em. They're on the edge of adulthood. Soon they'll be picking up all of their own marbles.

ole joyfuelled

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now it seems rocky is to donate to mi..dh swears they said something about 6"?? usually se mi doesn't have that much...

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My son was supposed to fly to Denver today but his flight was cancelled due to snow. I hope he gets out tomorrow. He's going skiing.

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Jewels...another Kansas resident here...and nervously watching the weather for tomorrow and this week. Last we, we also got 14", but this one sounds like more and wind...which causes power worst fear when people do not have heat. The grocery stores were packed today, but many shelves and meat counters very low. Stay safe and I have seen some schools called off already...hope your childrens's will also before the kids start out in the morning.

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We always have those kinds of snowfalls (number of inches anyway) here on the Michigan U.P. Keweenaw Peninsula, but Gary and I are good and tired of it! In our town, there is no where to go with the snow from the driveway except straight up (yards are very small). Snow in front of our house is piled to a height of about 12-14 feet and is about as high as the snow blower can throw it. I have to keep 'chasing' the neighbor kids off of the snow pile as we are afraid one of those little ones will slip and fall to the cement below and be injured. (Have no idea why this doesn't seem to concern their parents).

Business owners do love it. Our economy is governed by tourist trade, and a winter with low snowfall hurts that. Now that the snow mobilers are in the area all of the business owners are feeling good!

Our snow is mostly lake effect snow, very light and fluffy, and most of the time living here is like living in a snow globe. We did get hit with a blizzard (which is actually very rare here) last week and large amounts of heavy snow. The heavy snow is a lot harder to move.

Joyce - where we've had 202" of snow so far this season, with 39" currently on the ground

Here is a link that might be useful: Keweenaw 'Snow Thermometer'

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Oh boy Jewels, I understand your worrying so much.

Amarillo TX is totally shut down...all roads in and out of the city and our airport are closed. Blizzard continuing for several more hours..we already have over 8 inches with 5 & 6 foot drifts.

Praying no one suffers any power outages and that we call can be safe.

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I'm in central OK., and we're going to get socked starting around noon. Kansas is definitely going to get more snow. We got two inches of sleet last week, schools closed. Today schools closed before it even started raining. lol.

But boy did we need this moisture. Our drought has been awful.

Hope none of us lose power. We stocked up on firewood yesterday.

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We are 90 miles east of Amarillo and it just hit here. We are supposed to get between 8 and 14 inches and it is windy, windy!

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We are the only place in the country with no snow on the ground and have had mere inches the entire winter for the third year in a row. We are in a deficit again want I want SNOW!

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Lily, no snow here in Florida--not a single snowflake all winter. Looks like you may get rain--may snow--later this week.

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Oh is pouring snow in Kansas! Just pray we do not lose power. Governor is telling everyone to stay off of the roads. We needed the moisture so badly, but why couldn't we have had it when we were at 60 degrees earlier in the winter? Oh well, this is something we can not control. You all stay safe!

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My sympathy to you. Hope you are well stocked with bread, eggs and milk.

My son made it to Denver today despite two feet of snow at the airport. Should be good skiing.

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Our snow and blow has just about quit. We have had it all day and so thankful for the moisture. Two years ago we didn't have any rain, moisture, nothing, no crops, nothing!!! We are farmers.
I am thankful for moisture, any way we can get it. I hope we can keep power. I am afraid when the temps fall tonight the power lines will give. My dh brought in a gas powered generator and we have a fireplace. We will make it and have plenty of food.
We can have some warmth anyway.
Wishing all the best of luck in this storm!

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detroit is on the 3-6" list later today (i'm up late) not thrilled as my car is at the dealers for oil change..if it's really bad may leave it there!

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We got almost 7 more inches last night. Everyone's schools canceled last night and my kids were anxiously awaiting. We got a call at 5:30 this am so they are off today again. I work for a elementary school part-time and it is a good thing we are not dependent on my paycheck. We had off for President's Day, then in-service, then one day of school, 4 snow days and then we have early release days the rest of the week for conferences. We were suppose to drive to KC this weekend for a soccer tournament, but it has been canceled.

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SE Wisc:

Someone turned of the "snow switch" at 3 pm this afternoon. The forecasters are predicting 4 to 6 inches. I know it will be more than 4 inches becasue we have that much right now. Its messy to deal with, but we need the gound moisture. It'll be good for the winter wheat and hay grasses planted last fall.

My backyard deer herd appeared early this evening to brouse. They usually come around at midnight or later. Today, they apeared at 5 pm - it was almost dark and snowing. There are 7 in this herd and all came out tonight. Often, only a few at a time apear in the open with the others staying under cover.

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