Whirlpool washer leaking

kss1956September 28, 2012

When run a small versus a large load, only a small amount of water under the washer. No holes in the tub. I hesitate to purchase a new one because I understand the average life is only 10-12 years-this one is 27 years old! I would appreciate a list of all the reasons the washer could be leaking.


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could be the water pump, or hose leading to it, drain hose, or there is a seal, cant think off hand the proper name of it. You might be able to get parts for it since it is 27yrs old, but dont hold me to that.

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Please cite the model number of your machine. Folks here who have repair experience can answer your question with much more accuracy and detail if they know what specific machine is involved. 27 years could be either a belt-drive unit or a very early direct-drive model.

All mechanical parts for direct-drive units are available.

Whirlpool stopped producing the "vintage" belt-drive machines in 1986 but a few parts are still available.

Leak sources include the water valve, fill flume, pump (and protector on a belt-drive), any of several hoses, tub top gasket, outer tub & center seal (outlet seal on a belt-drive), and extremely worn bearings.

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Check with someone on www.automaticwasher.org, I'm sure someone could help you with this problem.

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The model number is LA7800 MW0.

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Appears to be a letter missing in that model number. Should be an X before the M -- LA7800XMW0.

It's a belt-drive machine. M indicates 1984 market-year. A classic for sure, and you've apparently taken good care of it to reach 27+ years! The serial number is coded with the year and week it left the factory, probably is C4 or C5 (1984 or 1985), with the next two digits being the week of that year.

There are numerous possible leak sources ... some minor, a couple major ... most of which I outlined in the reply above. Rusting, a hole in the tub would be major (depending on how bad of a hole), but you say that's confirmed OK.

I'd check the pump next. Pull the machine away from the wall and remove the rear service panel. Run it to try and pinpoint the source, should be fairly clear if the pump is the fault. Replacement is still available. Original part number 383957 is discontinued by Whirlpool but substitutes now to aftermarket manufacturer item LP115. RepairClinic.com lists it for $32.75. There are a few listed on eBay. NOT the 4-port pump. Two- or three-port (only two ports are used, the third little output port is capped with a seal and clamp).

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Thank you for reply-it is 7800 XM. I'm leaning towards buying a new machine, but again, am reluctant because this machine is made so well.

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If it is the pump (which unfortunately I can't confirm that from here), $32.75-ish (taxes & shipping) is a LOT less than buying a new machine ... even it if only lasts for another year or two before something else goes wrong. Don't know if you can DIY or have a handy friend who can help ... replacing the pump is not difficult ... two bolts and two clamps/hoses.

An outline of the procedure is at this link. The description seems more complicated than it is. Be sure to properly place the pump's lever in the slot at end of the agitate shift bar.
Replace Whirlpool Belt-Drive Pump

I'd buy the machine from you used if it happened to be within fetching distance. :-)

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Someone just looked at my machine and the pump appears to be leaking possibly through the gasket as the gasket is all wet. I paid $389 in 1985 so I definitely got my money's worth! I am told that the average life of a washing machine is 10-12 years. Until 1996 there were three people in my household. Now there is myself and my son temporarily lives with me so I am guessing I will get many more years than the 10-12. I found a machine for $360-a no frills Amana that reputable appliance shops sell. You are very nice to respond-I appreciate it!

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