Gelled coffee glaze on layer cake....

bonniez3July 12, 2014

Hi, I am looking for a recipe for a cake that is served at a Chinese Buffet in my town. It is a chocolate layer cake that has mocha (I think) flavored whipped cream for filling and frosting. The best part is, it has a very thin layer of strong coffee flavored gelatin on top of the cake!

Does anyone know how to make this? Do you think the frosting has gelatin in it so it can support the weight of the gelatin layer on top?? Thanks in advance!

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When you say "gelatin", do you mean like jell-o in clarity and texture? Do you just mean translucent? Or just mean gel texture but not clear? Could it be a coffee chocolate ganache? Those are quite popular.

You could make strong coffee flavored gelatin with plain (unflavored and unsugared) gelatin, substituting strong coffee for the water, and perhaps using less liquid than directions say for more body. Flavor with sugar, cream, etc., as it pleases you. Make it in a thin layer on parchment in a jellyroll pan if you want to cut out a shape, or on parchment in your cake pan if you want it the exact size and shape of your cake. Then, just demold, and invert carefully.

But I have a feeling it's more like a ganache. Or a classic icing made with piping gel. Here's a blog with a good description of how to make piping gel. I've only ever used the bought kind as is for small decorations, and I'm more of a bundt cake than frosting person, so I can't advise further on that. I suppose you could make a whole sheet of piping gel to top a cake, though, and it does kind of sound like what you ate.

Coffee flavor is a standard bakery product, as is commercially made piping gel. You can also get the strong coffee flavor, as I said above, by reducing coffee, though you'd have to go a far way down to use in piping gel. An alternative would be to dissolve espresso powder to taste in the required amount of liquid.

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I know what you are talking about as two Asian buffets here have the same dessert. I can't help you on the glaze but what I found interesting was that I saw the cake squares being put out on the buffet at both restaurants--they were made and shipped from CANADA according to the box!

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It sounds like using the parchment paper method would work with what I want to do! Thank you plllog!

And mustangs, that really is interesting that they were shipped from Canada! I think I'll do a search on that and hopefully find a name for this tasty desert! LOL

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Glad to help! I hope you'll let us know how it turns out.

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I will let you know how it turns out!

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I suspect the whipped frosting may have gelatin in it to stabilize it.

I haven't had the cake you are describing. Hope you find a recipe or recipes to help you recreate it.

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