I'm so in over my head... (includes lighting diagram)

fourambluesMarch 3, 2012

OK, so I have a lighting plan that, with a few tweaks, I think is wonderful. But I know nothing about lighting, so would appreciate your opinions on it. Also, having a lighting diagram is miles away from knowing what actual items to purchase. Any advice on solid, economical recessed and under cabinet lighting? Here's the diagram:

And here's the schedule (note that we're improving the lighting in other parts of the house, so it includes items that aren't on the above diagram):

I would very much appreciate any feedback/advice, as I'm really in over my head.

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The best and most cost effective recessed lighting is the Cree CR6 (total package considered).

I made a short write up on led recessed lighting as there have been many repeated questions on the topic

ditto for LED UCL.

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Thank you, davidtay! I'd actually read much of both of these threads before I put out my call for help. I was just feeling overwhelmed. For instance, I'd go to what looked like a good lighting website, and would click all the right links (ucl->led->direct wire, etc) and then I'd be offered a choice between the MRX48d and the RC7000 series. (Made up names, but who would know?!) And I don't have a clue what the differences are between the two! I've since gotten myself together and have started with what I know: cr6s are a good place to start for task lighting, though my lighting plan calls for 4in incandescent, and environmentallights.com does a good job of explaining what components I need to get ucls that work. I'm feeling much better now, as lighting is slightly less mystifying to me now. (but only slightly.)

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You can use the cr4 or eco4-575 lights in place of the incandescent lights. The light spread will be superior.

Right now, the cr4 is exclusively available from the Home Depot as the eco4-575.

As for Ucl, the most important prep step is to measure out the cabinet bottom. The best for Ucl is having a flat underside without intervening styles.

The next is to figure out whether to go with line or low voltage. IMO, today this comes down to which will provide the biggest bang for the buck. In the past, the biggest obstacles to line voltage (direct wire) were the profile and output (lumens).

The Philips EW profile is a nice light, though the light output color is slightly cooler.

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Oh, I'm so glad to know the cr4 is available -- thanks yet again, davidtay! (I looked for 'cr4' at Cree and home depot but nothing came up..) I think a bunch of eco4-575s are in my future! DH and I spent all day researching UCL, and have some very nice options priced out. I was assuming line voltage to make things easier, but DH is doing install and he's up for low voltage. Environmentallights.com is a great resource. (As well as GW's own davidtay! I've been reading lots of your recent responses. Great stuff.)

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Thanks. Just do shop around.

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