Design Challenge: Kitchen/Breakfast/Pantry Lighting Recommendatio

stie9790March 2, 2012

Hi All,

My wife and I are gearing up for a remodel of the 3 rooms listed above. I've done some reading and I'm starting to understand the importance of "layers of light", but I'm having a little trouble putting it all together. For the kitchen and pantry rooms, I'd like to do pendants of some sort in front of the large sink windows. I'd also like to do undercabinet lighting - not exactly sure of what type, but it'll be there in some form. Kind of a vague start, I know. I'm especially lost as to what should happen up on the ceiling. In the kitchen, there is no island, so a lot of the photos I'm finding don't really apply because they're usually all about the island lighting as a focal point. Should we have a single ceiling fixture, recessed can lights, both? Same applies in some form to the other 2 rooms as well...

Our taste is traditional, and seems to fit with our simple/farmhouse victorian home built around 1900 (pic below for reference). There are a lot of fixtures out there, but putting together a "package of light" in form and function is boggling my mind.

Anyways, the plan of these three rooms is below, any thoughts you might have, images, etc. would be much appreciated and very helpful to us... and then I can figure out how to wire it all!

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Food prep areas need more light as opposed to other areas like the living room.

Light layers are actually separate sources of lighting that you could turn on/ off or dim as you please.

If your ceilings are ~ 10+ ft, you could contemplate having cove lighting as a third layer of lighting.

I've written a short thread on LED recessed cans for kitchens. Some of the principles would apply to other lighting.
There is also a thread on UCL.

Hope that serves as a short intro.

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