vent through the ceiling

sscottshivSeptember 19, 2009

Can you vent a dryer through ceiling?

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Sure. But not directly into the attic. The pipe needs to go to the outside.

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Weedmeister, that must be regional. In my present home, that is over 30 years old, the only vent we had was through the attic and then outside. It has not been the most efficient to say the least. I think 2 dryers died early deaths due to this way of venting. However, due to how the house is made and the position of the laundry room, we had no choice in how it was vented.

It's very difficult on the dryer pumping the air up, over then out. If you have a choice, I'd recommend another application that gives the air flow an easier path to travel. The dryer will work a lot more efficiently.

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Most Dryers can handle about 25 feet of Vent
(subtract ? ? for each 90 elbow)

Dryer Vent
Vent should be rigid metal.
Short lengths of flexible metal may be OK, if not crimped when moving the Dryer into place.
NO plastic
NO screws
Foil Duct Tape is OK.
With an empty load, Timed Dry, High Heat, the vent temperature at the back of the Dryer, should cycle somewhere between 135F and 160F

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