Under Cabinet Light Problem

diydisaster1March 6, 2013

Hey, this is my first post here after months of watching from the side lines! I recently had under cabinet lights installed in my new kitchen. It is the Juno track 12 system with little xenon bulbs. Well..after it was all installed, the bulbs and holders are clearly visible. I don't know what to do or if there is anything I can do? It looks bad seeing every single bulb.

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A style could be added at the bottom of the cabinet. Ask your cabinet maker.

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Per the suggestion above, most cabinet makers provide a valance that hangs down about 2" below the bottom of the cab to hide that. Check the kitchen forum, you can see tons of pictures of them and threads about them.

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Add a lighting valence that matches the cabinets.

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Add a light rail under your cabinet. Our cabs were not originally designed with them, because the doors extend past the bottoms of the cab boxes, so the lights (similar to yours, Kichler xenons) aren't visible when the cab doors are closed. However, they were in full view when the doors were open. So, we asked our KD to have the cab manufacturer supply light rails, or matching strips of flat stock/molding, for the installer to attach to the underside of our cabs.

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