LG WM3677HW w/d combo not drying

mergxSeptember 10, 2013

Since last week our LG washer/dryer combo ends the dry cycle with a locked door, wet clothes, and standing water in the tub. I've got the service and training manuals and have gone through the diagnostics with no problems indicated. I opened and cleaned the dryer duct at the fan, replaced the cold inlet valves, and measured appropriate values at the heater, thermostat, and fuse in the dryer duct. Based on the spec in the training manual I've observed proper cycling of the valve that supplies water for the dry cycle and also proper draining during the cycle. I'm at a loss to know what to check next. Any ideas?

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I should add that I've measured across the terminals of the thermostat in the drying duct near the heating element when the duct is hot and cold and in both cases the resistance is about .2 ohms. It seems like it should be different in those cases, or what is it doing?

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I finally have the problem resolved! After putting up the question, I came across a post elsewhere from igbad from Jan 2011 describing the exact same problem with a w/d combo he had just bought. He discovered that the drain pump appeared to have no problem pumping out the wash, rinse, and spin water, but it would not pump out the dryer water until he lowered the drain pipe into a bucket that was sitting on the floor; it could push the water sideways but not up. He replaced the drain pump and his problem was solved.

I tried the bucket trick and ended up with a load of dry towels, so I ordered a replacement drain pump, swapped it out today, and just did a successful load of clothes with the drain pipe in its normal position. Yay!

Two things more: 1) The drain pump had a few large-ish lumps of lint behind the plate that holds the impeller, and I wonder if merely cleaning it would have restored it to normal operation. (But not enough to swap it back and see - I'll keep it for a potential spare.)
2) I bought the tool for removing the spring-loaded retaining band around the door gasket and it was well worth paying through the nose for.

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