cookie8July 17, 2013

So, there is a "new kid in town" in New York called the cronut. People are lining up at 3-4 in the morning to hopefully get one. I don't know, I don't think there is anything that good that it would warrant me waking up at 2 am, driving there and then standing in line. Anyone hear of them? Anyone tried them? Just curious. Is there anything you would stand in line for hours for (food wise). I don't think there is for me - unless we were suddenly rationing food but not for something that is fad like.

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Ha, yeah, NY is funny that way. I'm a NewYorker and i don't stand in lines. I'd rather eat glass, lol. I think someone in Texas is making a 'dosant'.
I'm sure it is delish. Years ago i had a dark chocolate french toast croissant. Memorable.
With bacon. But would not wait in line...
I'm guessing most of those people waiting are underpaid assistants.

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Yes, I've seen them marketed here too. A local boutique ice cream parlor is offering them as ice cream sandwiches. I won't be trying them. I'm not a fan of donuts, and I certainly don't want more high fat/ carb choices.

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Hmmm, maybe, this is an opening for Paula's comeback?? :) Could be filled with mac 'n cheese.

Even DD has gotten into the act down under.


Here is a link that might be useful: The original Cronut in NYC...

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Ha ha, scalpers? Wow. Funny, I came across cronuts on a gluten free website.

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