Samsung WF520: how to unlock door during malfunction

dave1812September 2, 2013

yesterday during a wash cycle the machine stopped with an error about a supposed malfunction of the water pressure switch. the door remained locked with wet clothes inside. I unplugged the machine a few times, turned it on/off many times and for quite a long time the door remained locked. I pulled the cover and tried to push the lock pins to no avail. finally the door unlocked after yet another attempt to turn the machine to ON.

I'd like to know how to open the door if this happens again as I don't want to leave wet clothes inside until days later when we can get a tech out to the house.

BTW, I ran another two loads without incident but anticipate this could happen again.

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lucky me, the problem-prone washer of mine crapped out again... got one wash out of it before it errored out at the beginning of a cycle.

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guess there are no expert techs on this forum. in any event i found a button combo (thru more trial and error than before I wrote my question) that unlocks the door. (and I still await a call from the repair company...)

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Sorry to hear about your troubles.

You are scaring me. I just bought Samsung washer WA50F9A8DSP and a Samsung dryer but they haven't been delivered yet.

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decordummy, don't be scared, every brand has satisfied and unsatisfied customers. One person will rave about their machine and the other will curse the same machine. All you can do is pick through, look at trends, weigh complaints and buy that extended warranty through a reliable retailer.

I had one kenmore (was whirlpool mf) that was great, the next kenmore (again whirlpool mf) was an absolute nightmare washer. Current samsung washer has been a dream machine but someone else on here recently asked for advice because their samsung had been a complete disaster (different model/type than mine and this poster's).

Some models of one brand seem to be more reliable than others of the same brand. If you have any doubts in that return window, send the machine back and get a different one.

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