Electrolux Wave Touch Washer Problem (Random Shutdown)

bonesodaSeptember 30, 2012

So, my washer has developed a problem Chris was helpful enough to ask me to look for errors but the washer shows zero errors (E00).

The problem is that when i start the washer it starts to fill and randomly (sometimes after 1 min sometimes a bit later) completely shuts off like someone unplugged it. I have been trying to troubleshoot the only thing has to be done is that the machine has to be left alone for a few days to a week before it would do that. After it shuts down the door unlocks (can be heard) i can start right away and it would work sometimes, other times it would do this 2-3 times before completing a full cycle.

This is a bit annoying as it is wasting water and soap and not to mention practically a brand new machine.

I had called service tech as per chris's suggestion and they could not replicate the problem.

I will be calling the tech again but i wanted to see if someone has experienced this or if any repair folks who have encountered this know what it could be.

My repair guy had no idea on what it could be.


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Could you possibly video record this happening? It would be a pain as you would have to try every time you use the machine. But if you catch the malfunction maybe the repair person will know what to fix.

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I have requested the repair man come end of week so when he does it it will happen. If it doesn't, next time i will give the video a go.

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On the Miele W48xx Series, they have a Child Entrapment feature. When the cycle begins, the door locks and water starts filling the drum....If the drums moves too much, the Machine thinks something is locked inside, and caused the drum to move too much! It cancels the cycle and unlocks the Door. SO, SO annoying.

I had Miele re-route the water filling spicket, so the drum does not get showered with water, but instead hits the glass. Perhaps Electrolux has this safety feature??

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Suspect loose wire connection - either in the washer or somewhere behind the wall outlet. There's no mentioning of any such safety feature in the service manual, which would act like Miele's child entrapment sensor. Do you have a gas dryer? If so, switch the wash and dryer plugs and see if the dryer now shuts off at random. That would (probably) eliminate the washer as the fault.


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@larsi: thanks for the suggestion i never thought of it... looks like whirlpool_trainee was kind enough to check it for me.

@whirlpool trainee: they are both on the same GFCI outlet... i think i may have already switched if not i will try again... yes i have a gas dryer! I have never had both devices run at the same time... i actually was going to unplug the washer and plug it in to an outlet near the electrical box to see if that was the problem...

I will wait till the technician comes by and sees it himself then i will move stuff around.

The gfci doesn't trip either just fyi.

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FWIW, I was referring to this service manual.

Must have Adblock off to download it, the link will appear under the preview picture:

Click the preview picture to see bigger size.
The preview is worse quality than the original pdf.
This file is downloadable free of charge from the site: Get Manual*

*This is what you'll need to click.


Here is a link that might be useful: http://elektrotanya.com/electrolux_eiflw55h_ewflw65h.pdf/download.html

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@whirlpool_trainee: I have the EWFLS70JSS... are the internals same?


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I know you've got the Wave 70 Series... 'course I do, I'm a Laundromaniac! *lol* But that's the only manual i could find for free. I suppose the internals are 90%+ identical.


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@whirlpool_trainee: thanks :) will update what happens tomorrow re: repairman trip.

I have another woe with door stop hinges that don't stay put... (elux refrigerator).
I went back to the stores and found only the bosch fridge's have somewhat of a decent door stop mechanism all the rest barely do the job.

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update: the tech called and said elux has asked him to change the main board and the door latch.

I am waiting for these parts now.

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Update: Elux replaced my door switch and main motherboard (took a while to get it... looks like almost a month).

I did my first laundry and the machine did not shut down... hopefully this is fixed. I will try another load in a couple of days.

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Update: the last replacement parts did not fix the machine and it kept on shutting off during cycles.

Elux replaced my machine... so far so good.

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Jsmith, sorry to hear you had a problem with your machine, but glad to hear that Electrolux is standing by the product and has replaced it.

Whirlpool trainee... Laudromaniac, LOL....

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